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Going Beyond the Basics

If you're heading for remote or less developed areas you may also want to consider the following:

  • Dressings for minor injuries (they need more care in severe climates to avoid infections). Steri-Strips and similar adhesive tapes for holding together the edges of a clean wound if immediate medical care cannot be found.
  • Water purifiers. For weight, convenience, effectiveness and low cost, rely on the simplicity of iodine. The dose is 5 drops of 2% tincture of iodine in a quart of water. Double the dose if the water is cloudy. Wait 20 minutes before drinking. Filters, cheese cloth, immersion heaters may also come in handy. Portable purifiers are sold by backpacking supply stores.
  • Broad-spectrum antibiotics, if you're traveling out of reach of medical attention. Ask your doctor for the most appropriate choice or a prescription for ear, eye and/ or skin infections; pain, fever or cramps; anti-diarrhea (antimotility and anti-microbial agents).
  • Where sterile medical equipment is scarce, consider carrying a small supply of sterile needles, syringes, and a stitch kit that can be used by a doctor in an emergency. Some countries require a prescription for these items and they will cause problems with customs officials. If you feel need to carry these items, get a certified letter from your doctor explaining why.

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