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Planning Your Wardrobe

The age old advice to the packing dilemma is as follows: Take the lightest suitcase you can find, fill it with the least amount of clothing that your courage will allow, close your eyes and remove half of what you have packed and then rapidly depart.

Your freedom of movement and peace of mind will depend to a great extent on what and how much you take. The inexperienced traveler is unable to move without the aid of taxi drivers, porters, and passers-by.

Seasoned travelers carry one light suitcase and enjoy their travels to the hilt. Don't spend time packing, unpacking, choosing, searching, wrapping, washing, ironing until you are in a state of frustrated exhaustion.

You are not going abroad as a slave to your soapsuds, ironing boards, and clothespins! Besides, most foreign lodging rooms are small, with a 12" closets and small two-drawer dressers.

Problems increase as you buy souvenirs, gifts, and more clothing abroad that may better fit the climate and ambience. If you followed the advice above and your elimination technique has been too thorough you can always make inexpensive purchases abroad to remedy your errors.

First and foremost, don't drag around clothing you don't like. Bring familiar, comfortable clothes you enjoy wearing and you know look good on you. Make sure they're all in good repair.


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