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Flight Isometrics

General Exercises

  • Imagine a tennis ball in the calf of your leg. Using leg muscles, squeeze several times.
  • With legs straightened, point the toes up and down vigorously.
  • With the foot just off the floor circle the foot, first in one direction, then the other.
  • To relieve aching and swollen feet, place the foot firmly on the floor, now pull the toes strongly towards the heel, arching the foot.

If reading for long periods:

  • Close the eyes, then massage the eye lids with finger tips.
  • Roll the eyes to the left, then right.
  • At eye level, place a finger at elbows length. Focus the eyes on the finger, then look beyond it, focus again on the finger. Repeat.
  • Cross arms and grip the knees. With arm muscles tensed, bend the elbows, bringing hands back to shoulder points. Pull your shoulders back, then repeat.

A useful exercise to ensure the chest is never in a cramped position:

  • Breathe out, tightening the tummy muscles.
  • Place hands on stomach and breath in "filling the waistline."
  • Repeat 4 or 5 times.
  • Practice this before settling down to sleep.

Deep Breathing:

  • Inhale through the nose, hold for as long as possible. Slowly exhale, expelling as much stale air as possible.

Make long hours of sitting more enjoyable:

  • Place hands behind the small of your back, arch spine forwards and backwards.
  • Shrug the shoulders, then circle shoulders backwards.
  • With fists close to the body, push down on the seat, attempting to lift buttocks off seat.
  • Use layovers to exercise

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