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Comments On: Severnvale Academy

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Dear Severnvale,
First of all I want to thank you for the wonderful time I had in Shrewsbury with all of you. If there had been a chance, I would have stayed much longer. Unfortunately, I had to leave (even though I am not very sure why?).
You worked so hard to beat English into my head that I promise not to forget everything immediately. Therefore I have my notepad with me all the time, so I can repeat vocabulary in the train on my way to work. In addition, I had my first Business English Class at Latham and Watkins yesterday. Amazingly, I managed not to annoy everybody. We had to discuss a case were vendors wanted to sell shares of a company and one of the offers was a referential bid. Well, I discussed the case, using "may I come in here", "I am afraid, I don't agree with you at all" and all this wonderful little things. Without your help, I couldn't have done it!
I miss you all very much, send my greetings to all the students, please drink a good mug of hot water with a drop of milk in remembrance of this strange German lawyer,


Dear James,

Thomas has passed his last examination for the baccalaureat today morning and I am very very happy to tell you that he gained a 18/20 in English. The consequence is that, whater the results in sciences and history, he will gain his bac. Final results will be available on thursday, but we already know that he will be successful, thanks to the English .. and thanks to the Severnvale Academy.

This will be confirmed officially on thursday but I thought I could thank right now you and all your colleagues very sincerely for your precious help in this success.

Kind regards,


Pascal Richez

Dear James,
it is every time very interesting to see how motivated each employee come back from your school. Both - Martina and Uwe - arrived and visited me immediately to say how well it was for them. They enjoyed the family, all the teachers (very positive surprised about the different technices they used for teaching, the different sound and slang of their English). Each like to come back to your school. For me it es everytime very nice to feel that it is always true what I've told them when they first were interested in learning in England.
So, everything is in line, we are feeling well and happy with knowing to have a very good partner in England.
Kirsten is the first who can come back, but I hope that I will be the second one!!!!
All the best for your last days with Matthias,
Katja Gloeckner

Katja Gloeckner

Hello James ,
first of all I want to thank you and your staff for your support and help to Fabio. He was very happy with this experience at the Severnvale Academy which he found very useful not only for his job but also from a personal point of view and for me this is very important. To be honest I think that this is possible because in your school the atmosphere, the methodology and the approach is fantastic.

I read the reports and I'm very impressed by the improvement of Fabio. I hope that you can close a contract with my wife's company for me it has been a pleasure to suggest your school.

Hope to see you again.

EDP Manager
Flavio Bortolazzi

Flavio Bortolazz

Dear James,
i just would like to tell you and all the teachers that I got my test
results and that I have been successful!!!!
Therefore, thank you very very much for this wonderful preperation
especially to Jannet, Richerd, and Jane!!
I have had a great and unforgettable time in Shrewsbury and I enjoyed
(nearly) every single day of it!!! :o)
My best regards to everybody.
Yours Steffi

Stephanie Miller

hello james
i'm ivana mitton from croatia,and i was a student at
severnvale academy last summer.a most beautiful
vacation combined with learning english,i must say.a
very dear memory to me,i often think about it
during my stay i had lessons for the CPE examination,
and i managed to pass the CPE.got the results the
other day.
looking forward to hearing from you soon

Ivana Mitton

Dear James,
thank's again to you and all staff of Servernvale. You made studying English a
pleasure not a work!
I'm now eager to continue and will try to reach a higher level, especially in
Thank you again and see you soon.
Yours sincerely





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