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Comments On: Hansa Language Centre

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Atomsphere was very Friendly

' First, I liked the teachers. Secondly, the atmosphere was very friendly. Third was the location - it was near the subway station and many many stores. Lastly, the classes were so good. '

Andrea Chiavegato

Very Open

' All the teachers are very open and have a lot of respect for other cultures. I believe that this is a contribution for the peace of the world.'

Nelli D'Heer

An Experience to Remember

The flexible schedules, the fees are affordable and it is also good to be in an environment where the people - such as the teachers and the students - are nice, kind and warm. You can make a lot of friends here and it's an experience that I am never gonna forget. Thank you. '

Heydi Gutierrez

Well Organized

' Very friendly people and the school is very flexible with the schedules. There is also a good course selection for students and the school is well organized. '

Justus Hertle

Enjoyed my Experience

I really enjoyed my experience at Hansa because my teachers were very nice with me and they supported me in my English skills. I met my best friends at Hansa. I learned a lot of stuff that I had never known in my country and I think I could improve my English as well. Thanks so much. '

Aurora Zacarias

For the Students

The first thing is that all the teachers who I was with were friendly and I could take the class whenever I wanted too and I could also change when I wanted too. I think that Hansa is really for the student.'

Hyeran Lee

Quality Classes

The quality of the classes, the teachers and the classmates. The classes met my expectations and they were quite challenging!'

Ms. Manuella Morais

Various Attractions

I liked the teachers, the program, the outings to the various attractions in the city of Toronto and the friends I made along the way! '

Patricia Sobrinho Ries

Good Exercises

' Hansa school is a very nice school. I like Hansa because every teacher is good and nice. They teach English and it's very funny and interesting. So I can remember English quickly and Hansa has many good exercises. '

Guo-Jen Huang

Good Opportunities

The teachers are very friendly, and one of the good points of Hansa is it's very flexible to make a schedule for those students who know what they need. And Hansa offered us many school activities. I can say these are good opportunities to make friends and know their culture. One more thing that I like is that... students are from all over the world.'

Masayuki Watanabe


' The flexibility and the amount of subjects. I can choose the classes I am going to take, and if I don't feel comfortable or am too busy, I can change them at any time. There are also lots of activities so we get to know many places and make new friends.'

Patricia Veloso

Smile on my Face

' Hansa activities put a smile on my face. The people are very friendly and there is a great system in place. You can choose the classes and you can change it if you like. Its flexible and you can also practice the TOEFL test - it's a great idea I think. '




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