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Comments On: Amigos de las Americas

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My Volunteer Experience

'The most beneficial part of AMIGOS is meeting people who lead lives so incredibly different from yours. Despite the differences, they accept volunteers with open arms. By the end of my stay in Brazil, I had gained a second family and a new home on the other side of the world. On top of these great new relationships, I actually made their life a little easier by building bathrooms for those who couldn't afford them before. The point of AMIGOS is helping people in a different country, but really, the volunteers gain as much if not more than the people they help.'

Brazil Volunteer

Enhance Your Life

'If I had to describe what Amigos de las Americas is, I would say it is a learning opportunity. Its a chance for young people to experience life outside the U.S., enhance their Spanish speaking skills, and make lifelong friendships while providing community service.'

Nicaragua Volunteer

A Life Changing Experience

'An Amigos Volunteer often comes back a different person than when they left. After seeing another way of life, it is difficult to take ours for granted or to harbor any ignorant prejudices about others. I feel that the host families we stay with give a gift much greater than just room and board for two months. It is clear that the host families care for their volunteers. My host family cried when I left. After only two months, they considered my partners and me part of their family.'

Honduras Volunteer


'Being an Amigos(volunteer) was a test of self-motivation, creativity, flexibility, and cultural understanding.'

Costa Rica Volunteer
Costa Rica


'Knowing that I planned, organized, and carried out projects in another language has given me a lot of self- confidence.'

Paraguay Volunteer




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