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Comments On: Argentina Spanish Courses

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studying spanish

I have studied with Olga (Argentina Spanish Courses) in December/Jan 2001/2 during four weeks. I took an
intensive class with them, that is I wanted private lessons. So, I had every
morning 3 private lessons/hours during 4 weeks.
I liked studying with them so much that I went back just now in December for
another 2 weeks.
I am Swiss, so studying languages is something that I had to do since ever.
But, honestly, I have never learnt so much like with Olga, and other teachers. I never felt
bored or anything like that. The hours just seemed to fly by.
After these 6 weeks (overall, in 2 stays), I have passed the intermediate
exam in Spanish for foreigners at the University of Buenos Aires. And back
here, I made an entrance test to join a Spanish school and qualified as
At the moment, life in Buenos Aires is incredibly cheap for us there because of the
devaluation of the peso.
Also, I rented a room with an ARgentine family with 3 children and talking
with them helped a lot practicing my Spanish. Olga knows them, if you want
to stay with them (c/o Silvia).

Good luck
Pia (Suiza)

Pia - Economist
Email: pia.Schneider -- at -- lshtm.ac.uk




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