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Comments On: Centro de Idiomas Quorum

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Awesome school

I have spent several months at Quorum this past year. It has been great. The teachers are really friendly, the staff is really funny and always like to keep us busy and enterntained. I have learned so much (even the subjuntivo!) and have enjoyed living in Nerja. I recommend it to everyone. It is an excellent school where I felt at home.

Christopher Athanasakos
New York, NY - USA
Email: chris61877 -- at -- aol.com


Die Schule ist sehr sympatisch mit einem besonderen familaren Flair.Es werden verschieden Kurso fur jeden Geschmack angeboten.Hervorzuheben sind hierbei die, meiner Meinung nach, die gut ausgebildeten Lehrer, welche sich sehr viel Muehe geben den Unterricht so interessant wie moeglich zu gestallten.Gramatik und Conversation werden anhand von interesanten Themen (Kultur,Politik,Leben in Spanien,vergleiche mit anderen Landern...) sehr vereinfacht.
Nerja ist ein mehr oder weniger kleines besonders fur Touristen sehr sympatisches Dorf.Fur jeden ist etwas geboten.Ob Kultur in z.B. den verschieden Flamencobars, Essen in den verschiedenen tollen Fischrestaurants oder den vielen fur Spanien typischen Gassen kommt ein tolles Feriengefuhl auf.Auch die jungere Generation kommt durch das recht gute und vielseitige Nachtleben nicht zu kurz.Schone Strande sorgen fur die notige Erholung nach einer langen Nacht. Minuspunkt:es konnte ein wenig billiger sein.
An der Schule herscht wie gesagt ein ziehmlich Familares Leben. Es werden Tag fur Tag verschieden Excursionen angeboten.Ob Ausfluge nach Malaga oder Granda ob Weinprobe oder Volleyballturnier, Karauke..... allles ist sehr lustig und macht wirklich SPASS !!
Leider hab ich nie eines der Apartments benuzt. Ich weiss nur dass sie sehr schon und auch recht preiswert sind. was sich nicht empfehlen lasst ist die unterbringung in einer Familie da verschiedene probleme aufkommen konnen
ich hatte nicht gedacht dass es mir jemals so viel spass machen wurde in eine Schule zu gehen. Lernen hat mir noch nie so viel spass gemacht wie hier.....

Rene Frank - Student
Frigiliana - Spain
Email: worldwide-rene -- at -- web.de

Useful Spanish

"For most of the month I've been in Ecuador. I got back late on Sunday night. Wow, was that great! I had so much fun down there... [sic] I meet a lot of great people and saw some interesting things.
I also was able to use my Spanish quite a bit. I hadn't done much with it since Spain, but it came back pretty well. Thank all the teachers at Quorum for teaching me well. It was there when I needed it!!

I'll be happy to answer some questions about my experiences in Spain and at Quorum. Just have them e-mail me."

Dave - Student
Michigan - USA
Email: dbever63 -- at -- calvin.edu

Lovely atmosphere

"Hi Jose! Hope all of you are well at Quorum. I am back in England for Christmas and we are coming back in January some time - maybe for some more study next year but I'm giving myself a break from 'brain-ache' for a
while first. In answer to your question, I heard about Quorum from a previous student who had highly recommended your school, just as I now do to anyone else who I speak to who wants to learn Spanish at a great school with a lovely atmosphere and a fantastic team! Thanks again to everyone at
Quorum for making study so much fun..."

Lara - Administration
Email: laraandmatty -- at -- hotmail.com

Caring Staff

So many things impress me about Quorum. The staff cares deeply about the students, the quality of the courses, and the overall experience. As the owner of numerous companies, I judge the quality of any business by the amount of care expressed by the owners and staff. Quorum is absolutely top shelf. The towering intellect of Marcos continually astounds. Pepe is a clown, actor and terrific teacher. Mari Carmen provides strong and nurturing guidance. And the balance of the teacher corps and staff are a delight.
Set in Nerja, a delight of a seaside town oozing charm and beauty, Quorum can easily boast of their magnificent pueblo. Learning is fun here- the staff and students enjoy learning verb forms, subjunctive and nuance of Spanish along with the wonderful culture of Andalusia. I appreciate the thinking that has gone into the courses. The evening events and weekend excursions are memorable, with the laughter of teachers and students. The mix of grammar and conversation works well to solidify confidence in the language. Having spent 12 weeks with Quorum with my amazing wife Debra, and our two children, I heartily recommend learning with Quorum. Attending the school is a privilege.

Eric Kloor - Businessman
Colorado - USA
Email: travelkloor -- at -- yahoo.com




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