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Comments On: Sorrentolingue Centro Linguistico Internazionale

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Sorrentolingue school

Sorrentolingue was the best language program I ‘ve completed! The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful and everyone is very kind!
Thank you Sorrentolingue for a wonderful stay in Sorrento !!!!
-Carissa Gerving – Student – Los Angeles .Ca USA

Carissa - Student
Los Alngeles

The course and the teachers were excellent and covered exactly what I had hoped for.
I would love to come back to study here again.
Russell – London

Russell - Manager

Thank goodness for Sorrentolin

Sorrentolingue was a very nice experience for me. Classes and even more teachers have so much enthusiasm, it’s the best environment for learning I’ve ever seen..
For most of us learning seems difficult. It is just too hard to pursue
something where you hardly ever have the answers. No one likes to be wrong!
No one likes to feel stupid! The minute you do have the answer, the
teacher likes to move on to something you don’t know. That’s why the most
important thing is building confidence in students so they can express
themselves. Information can always be found in a book, but self-esteem is
only available through good teachers. This is something that most teachers
seem to have absolutely no knowledge of. Thank goodness for Sorrentolingue school.

Paavo- Interior Designer – New York

Paavo - Interior Designer
New York

Une semaine de cours individuals efficace dans une ambience sympatique. Merci a Luana pour son aide et sa patience

Christine - manager
Lyon - France




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