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Comments On: University of Pecs

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Hungarian Language and Culture Summ

I only can say positive words about the summer school. I got in contact with people from all over the world, which in a way opended my mind and gave me friends for life. The lessons we followed together didn`t feld like `school`, thanks to the lovely teachers, who were enthousiastic and supporting and it`s amazing how much we learned in only one month. We are able now to get in touch with the hungarian people, because we can express ourself in the same language.
The organisation of the summer school was great, from the food over sleeping till the trips, everything was perfectly organised and if somebody had a little problem, they tried to solve it as soon as possible.
I just can say: Thank you! Koszonom szepen!

Renee Mestdagh - University of Gent
Gent - Belgium
Email: Renee.Mestdagh -- at -- UGent.be




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