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Studying at EducaCentre

6 Sept 2003
Studying at EducaCentre for me has a full success, mainly due to the excellent professional tuition! My teacher Tatjana was excellent and I am looking forward to returning and studying with her again. She spotted my weaknesses and focused on eliminating them. After 2 weeks I can see the progress I made. The location of the school is perfect. Staff is very professional. My special thanks to Kate, who was replying very prompt by e-mail, and then, after my arrival answering stupid questions :), and handling all requests so patiently.

Katharina Reinwald - Guest Relation Officer
Email: katerina_reinwald -- at -- yahoo.de

Exceptionally helpful staff

Extraordinary patient teachers, 5 weeks intensive 40 hrs a week, one to one, was for me the best way to see a good start. No hiding place! But mentally and physically tiring, from zero basic conversation was a to their ability to teach someone who has no naturaly attitude for language and never learnt one before (not even my own properly!). EducaCentre staff - every one exceptionally helpful.

Roger Pitfield
England, UK
Email: rogerpitfield -- at -- hotmail.com

Best place for learning Russian

Course dates : 18 August 2003 - 29 August 2003
EducaCentre is perhaps the best place for leaning Russian! The staff is incredibly efficient and well prepared to solve any problems of the heavy Russian bureaucracy; the teachers are very prepared and helpful. I learned the minimum Russian to survive in only 2 weeks! With the other students we can have a good fellowship and the host family where I lived was extremely hospitable. The food is pretty good and the prices affordable. If it's not enough, St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and exciting towns of the world. I really enjoy my studies at EducaCentre.

David Dani
Email: hallodani64 -- at -- yahoo.it

Good progress

Course dates : 3 August 2003 - 8 August 2003
I was amazed about how much it is possible to progress, withing such a short time. One week is a way too short period but professional teachers and Russian speaking environment helped a lot. Now I'm going to do my "homework" and come back in near future

Juha Oksanen
Email: juha_ok -- at -- yahoo.com

I'm very glad ...

Course dates : 30 June 2003 - 8 August 2003
I'm very glad to stay in St. Petersburg and study at EducaCentre. All staff was very nice. They helped me a lot. I stayed with the host family, my host family was very kind and took care of me a lot. I learned how to cook Russian meals from my host mother, and I really liked them. My room was quite big and comfortable.




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