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Comments On: Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School

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Teachers were Great

'Absolutely loved Guatemala!!!! The teachers were great, the school was lovely, not too big so it was easy to get to know everybody. (After class activities were) fabulous! The guest speakers talked about really interesting subjects. (My family was) absolutely fantastic! The daughter Karin was always correcting me and talking to me a lot! She was great! I celebrated Christmas with them, they even bought me a present, they were so lovely!'

Cindy Van Schie
Heinkenszand - Netherlands

Amazing Experience

'I found the program at Miguel Angel Asturias an amazing experience, both as a student of Spanish and a traveler looking for a cross cultural experience. I was impressed by the staff's willingness to accommodate my level of Spanish by providing a university educated teacher with knowledge of language teaching methods, as well as a command of complex Spanish grammar. The warm staff and unforgettable family host while in Xela will be remembered forever.'

Aaron Spencer
Napavine, WA - USA

Loved the One on One Experience

'I loved the one-on-one experience. I really enjoyed my teacher ... and felt that I was able to work exactly at my level. I liked the freedom of being able to study while walking around the town, visiting shops, etc. I celebrated my birthday while I was there and a party was held for me.
That made me feel really special. The graduation parties were fun. I really felt like the school was a tight-knit group and I made instant friends whom I still communicate with.'

Becky Witt
Denver, CO - USA

Excellent Instructors

Excellent instructors ... - they were flexible, yet prepared to lead the classes. Activities were thoughtful and helped me understand the culture more comprehensively. I like that the school is evaluated each week by students. Fantastic memories... I'd like to go back.'

Shawn Stevenson
Basalt, CO - USA

Definitely Loved Xela

'I definitely loved Xela and the school and miss it quite a bit. The teachers were great and Xela's really charming. I think that living with a host family is a really important component of the experience - grounds you in the city. My host mom and I started every day together with a walk around the neighborhood and through the cemetery. I learned a heck of a lot of Spanish and how to meringue and salsa dance. And I met some really beautiful people.'

Flannery Denny
Montreal - Canada

Well Run School

'I really appreciated how organized the school was, and how helpful they were if there were any problems. I always felt safe and comfortable at the school and overall it seemed to be very well run. Also, it would have taken at least one year of classes in the US to equal the Spanish I learned there in three weeks--it was amazing. Thank you for helping me to have such a great experience!'

Janet Swanson
Fort Collins, CO - USA

Much More Than Expected

'My time at Miguel Angel Asturias was much more than I ever expected. The entire process of living with a family, one on one lessons, school activities, etc. was incredible. I was surrounded with people who cared about my experience and the quality of the school. I can't wait to go back.'

Rebecca Cauthen
Flagstaff, AZ - USA

My School Experience

'(My school experience) was a grand adventure for me, both culturally and linguistically. I attended classes five hours a day for four weeks and learned much more than I ever would have taking evening classes at home. My teachers were very attentive and I particularly want to commend (one of them) for her diligence and professionalism - she got more Spanish into my head than I would have thought possible. She was a stickler for verb conjugations, which I really needed. The home experience was also a big help. They involved me in their activities, especially on weekends, and (the) great cooking was a bonus!'

John Cain
Grand Junction, CO - USA

Liked the Friendliness

'(I liked) the friendliness of all the teachers, and the efforts to place us with suitable families... (I) enjoyed the afternoon activities tremendously - thanks to all.'

Coral Earney
Leicester - United Kingdom

Really Good Time

'I had a really good time at the school. Everyone (was) great and more than happy to help us out with anything we needed. The dinners were a lot of fun and I made friends I will keep for a long time. I think the projects are very good - better than at the other schools I saw and the activities were always a lot of fun. I would recommend the school to anyone, especially people who want to emphasize community service. They have connections to a lot of excellent organizations.'

Elizabeth Shepherd - Projects - General
Seattle, WA - USA

Terrific Experience

'I certainly did have a wonderful time at MAA. It was a terrific experience, exceeding my expectations for what I would encounter by a long shot. I found my experiences volunteering as a primary school teacher to be remendously rewarding, if difficult at times. And, of course, my Spanish skills increased astronomically.'

Eric Morrill - Teach Primary School
Amherst, MD - USA

Best Spanishg Immersion School

'Miguel Angel Asturias, in my opinion, is the best Spanish immersion school in Xela. I had a great experience. I learned more Spanish in five hours of one-on-one tutoring five days per week than I learned in four years of Spanish classes in high school. Talking with the teachers about Guatemalan culture and politics aided in better understanding the country. The various social activities that the school hosts provided further insight into the culture and allowed students at the school from around the world to bond in common experiences. The home stay further amplified the experience. The family with which I stayed was a wonderful family and conversations with them helped with my Spanish and allowed me to observe how many Guatemalans live their daily lives.'

Vanessa Bouche - Coffee, Fruit, and Vegetable Plantation
Austin, TX - USA


'Volunteering with YUN Q'AX's rural medical clinic offered the opportunity to get out into rural areas that I otherwise would never have been able to see. It's a whole other side of Guatemala. Also, working, as opposed to being a tourist, changed the way people related to me. I felt accepted in the community - a feeling that tourists don't get to experience.'

Angela Dublanko - Rural Development & Healthcare (YUN Q'AX)
Tofino, British Columbia - Canada

Awesome Experience

'It was an awesome experience all around. I loved the family I stayed with. I was fortunate to have found this particular school!'

Lori Miille - Medical Spanish
Golden CO - USA

Good Experience

'I'm a physician in a hospital that serves many Spanish speaking patients. I had such a good experience.'

Lincoln Abbott - Medical Spanish
Bolton, CT - USA

Great Time

'I had a great time at (the) school. The teachers I had were very good, friendly, helpful. They were open to teaching me specific things I wanted to learn (medical Spanish). I stayed with a family as well which was a valuable experience. I learned more about the culture, and was able to practice my Spanish around the clock. I volunteered in the clinics ...
(and) had a great time.'

Elizabeth Flood - Medical Spanish
Denver, CO - USA

Great Persona;ized Classes

'The one on one setup of the school was amazing. It was great to have the classes personalized to fit my needs and desires. My homestay was also great ... as they were very helpful and accommodating, and lived close to the school. I was able to work in the clinic, which was a great experience
for me.'

Clayton Smith - Medical Spanish
Gambier, OH - USA

Great Staff

'... the administrators as well as the teachers there are all so friendly and caring that makes for a great experience. I volunteered at the orphanage. It felt good to help out in whatever way I could. The experience really opened my eyes to the situation of those less fortunate. I (also) worked at a centro de salud ... and helped out with vaccinations in the rural areas.'

Josh Fernandes - Medical Spanish
Washington DC - USA




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