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Comments On: OMILO Greek Language and Culture in Greece

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Enjoying Greek language a

Twice now I've taken part in OMILO language courses: once in the spring at
Limni in Evvia, and once in the summer at Nea Makri in Attica. Both times
brought valuable experience. The classes were small and personal; the teachers
were dedicated and engaging; the adminstrators were thoughtful and did their
utmost to meet individual needs. The excursions outside of class were uniformly
enjoyable and informative. The locations of the lessons are well-chosen: the
scenery is magnificent and the accommodations are exceptionally comfortable. I
would recommend the OMILO school to students at any level. Participants are
certain to gain positive insights into Greek culture, to have fun in the
process, and above all to learn a lot of Greek.
Bill Reader

William Reader - Professor
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan - USA
Email: william.w.reader -- at -- cmich.edu

Learning Greek in Greece

I really enjoyed my studies at OMILO. The classes were small and I was able to get all of the individual instruction that I needed. It was also very helpful to go on the excursions after class. We were able to put our Greek into practice and to learn a little about the culture as well. The best part was meeting people from all over the world. I would highly recommend taking your Greek language courses at OMILO. You won't be sorry! (email address: TeAnnG1@aol.com )

TeAnn Ginakes - Physician Assistant
Arizona - USA
Email: TeAnn1 -- at -- aol.com




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