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Comments On: Liden & Denz Language Center

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About teaching

My teacher was extremely good. He adjusted the course as it was in progress to meet the needs of each student. Alexey (resposable for cultural programm) is the perfect person for his job - very enthusiastic and organized.

John Hellmann

The courses were very helpful and spontaneous. It doesn't feel like we were working.

Birgitt Sorensen
Email: birgittsorensen -- at -- hotmail.com

We almost opted for another school, because our first impression from the web-site was somewhat like of a "lerning factory". But now we are very glad to have chosen Liden & Denz schoolfor its combination of personal attention and professionality.

Niels Nederstigt
Email: nnederstigt -- at -- hotmail.com

I was extremely satisfied with my teacher. I asked her to include more conversation and my wish was fully taken into account. It was an extremely interesting, wonderful, great week.

Jana Oveckova
Email: austra -- at -- austra.sk

Very organized and efficient! You seem to have thought of everything. I particularly like the fact that the school is available for us 24/7.

Andy Metcalf
Email: withheld

About hostfamily

Host is welcoming and, despite having lodged students for a number of years, is glad to make conversation.

Katrina Johnson

About staff

The Liden & Denz staff were very helpful and friendly. My classes are exelent and my host family vey welcoming.

Catherine O'Hara - Student

Overall impression of the school

Liden & Denz was very welcoming and very professional - you made me feel at home and gave me the impression that I am taken seriously.

Beat Goldstein - Student
Email: beat -- at -- goldstein.net

All the organization has worked wel

All the organization has worked well. Everyone is very friendly and the school has a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
The apartment is in good condition, close to the school and public transport. Our host enjoys talking to us and encourages us to talk to her. She corrects our Russian very politely. It has been everything we hoped for. Alexey organized everything very well. Svetlana and Timothey were very good guides.

Chriss and Siobhan NUNN
Email: cjscnunn -- at -- yahoo.com

About hostfamily

Though I can understand Russian very bad, my host family tried to talk with me. Thanks to them, I could know about Russian, Russian life and so on. I was really happy.

Miki Hirose
Email: mikimiki -- at -- kjps.net

Happy with the host family

My host family was very very kind. I was very happy and I would like to go back there again.

Enrique Fernandez Romero
Email: v-erwinv -- at -- microsoft.com

Overall impression of the school

The cooking was great. My landlady herself
is very nice, and very supportive. It seems
a well-thought-out program, both educational, and in terms of of support. Your website was great.

Wayne Quillin - USAID
Email: wquillinmd -- at -- yahoo.com

Overall impression

I was extremely satisfied with the guides. Timothy and Alex were great. Administrator Natasha was very helpful. The cooks were very friendly and provided great meals.

Betty Fallstich
Email: withheld

I was extremely satisfied with a guide. Other staff was very helpful. The cooks were very friendly and provided great meals. The teachers were attentive to students' needs and adjusted accordingly. I would have liked to stay longer.

Betty Fallstih
Email: Betty Fallstih

Overall impression

In general there was an excellent balance in teaching. I was thoroughly impressed with my teachers and their altitudes, skills and patience

Bonnie Bizzell
Email: withheld

Overall impression

I was extremely pleased with the literature extended course. Extremely well prepared and interesting. Also I was attend a very good lecture about Russian church.

Lorraine Millot
Email: withheld

Professional welcome, clear instructions, fast registration. Nice and dedicated staff. Patient and friendly. They respect privacy.

Paul-Henri Arni
Email: withheld

I had a reassuming feeling of being in the hands of a professional team.
Host family was very welcoming, lively, open-minded, helpful, respectful of independence and need to study.

Emmanuelle Monod
Email: manuemond -- at -- yahoo.com

It’s excellent, that school is open 24 hours a day and internet and e-mail is available. The English speaking stuff was very helpful.

John Nicholson - pensioner




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