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My stay at World English

I've never been in such a welcoming school. Of course we study English grammar and the basics, but we also spend a lot of time practising conversations in real-life situations. This helps us to actually communicate with Australian people outside the school. On top of that I've also met lots of different people and I've been very happy. If I ever had any problems there was always somebody to advise me and to help me. I can recommend this school. (Atsuko Sakamoto, Japanese)

Atsuko Sakamoto - Student
Osaka - Japan

My stay at World English

I arrived at World English 8 weeks ago. I was a little worried because I didn't have friends and I had a lot of problems with my speaking. Now, not only can I speak better and I'm improving, but also I have a lot of class-mates and when I'm in school it's like being in a family. (Giorgia Babini, Italian) June 3rd, 1998

Giorgia Babini - Accountant
Forli - Italy
Email: gbabini -- at -- hotmail.com

My stay at World English

Unfortunately I only had two weeks for my course, but this short time really gave me a lot. Just the friendly, family atmosphere at World English made me feel really good. What was best was the way the school responded to our learning needs. The physical layout of the school, and the things you can do in the Student Resource Centre, are also very good. I recommend World English every time! (Anke Reykowski, German)

Anke Reykowski - Student
Munich - Germany




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