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Comments On: Instituto Cultural Oaxaca ICO

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Change of email.

I had some troubles signing onto the webpage and sending email and it is because the addess has changed... it is now:



I had a WONDERFUL experience and would highly recommend the Instituto to anyone.

Elizabeth - Martin
Philadelphia - U.S.A.

Workshops and Overall Exp

I loved both workshops. The cooking class helped me understand how traditional food is prepared as well as the history and culture of Mexico/Oaxaca. The music class is also about much more than music: history, culture, traditions, and influences...The overall experience was very positive. The staff are excellent, the classes challenging and the setting beautiful.

Jennifer Dodge
Brooklyn, NY - U.S.A.
Email: jendodge99 -- at -- yahoo.com

A wonderful, memorable experience! They could not have been more helpful. I will recommend this school to anyone I know looking to study Spanish.

Rick Peyser
South Burlington, VT - United States of America

I enjoyed every minute of it!

Madeleine Volak
Toronto - Canada

My teacher was outstanding. He has the true makings of an excellent instructor, knowing the material in depth, and understanding the language fundamentals...Classes were well prepared and organized.

Kane Casani
Sierra Madre, CA - United States of America

I attended the ?History of Music? afternoon workshop all four weeks. This was the highlight of my learning experience. Discussions were illunminating and exciting!

Keith Meeritt
Newtown Grove, NC - United States of America

My teacher...stimulated discussions and exchanges in class, forcing us to put all the material in practice. Our sessions were lively and enjoyable.

Kaine Satamian
Geneva - Switzerland

Since I visited Oaxaca alone, I enjoyed the sense of security here. It?s an exciting, but also quiet place. It is easy to make contact with Mexicans - I enjoyed talking to them about traditions, experiences and political matters.

Sabine Steins
Berlin - Germany




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