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Comments On: International Program of Student Exchange

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Student's Opinions Januar

The moment I walked into the International Office of the UCV (PIEI), together with our ITC Representative at the UCV, all doubts in my mind dissipated. The orientation program was structure and clear. The January Course was invaluable. Ana Mar? my professor, found the perfect balance between providing a professional, challenging class structure and a supportive environment. I found myself striving for fluency rather than feeling the defeat that takes over so easily in a foreign environment. The intensive month truly catered to my needs. Then, I had a month free to kayak in pristine Andean wilderness, knowing that I was competent to not only survive, but to thrive. In March, I entered at the UCV as an International full-time Regular Student . Our ITC Representative and UCV staff continued to be responsive to my questions and needs throughout the semester. My Chilean family was great fun. I can still hear my Chilean mon's laughter ringing in the air. The myth that sense of humor does not translate between two cultures was proven wrong as I joined their conversations. I relaxed and enjoyed every minute with them. As I took the initiative to form my own group of Chilean friends, I was thrilled to find that they were compatible with my Chilean family.

Julie Hvass - ITC-SAP Program at the UCV.
Email: dhvass -- at -- microassist.com

Student's Opinions Summer

The most immediately thing I noticed in Chile, apart from the beautifully diverse landscape, was the comforting and helpful staff of the UCV and of our ITC Representative at the UCV. They were more than successful in making my adjustment and stay easy, relaxing, educational and fun. My Spanish and cultural knowledge of the country improved rapidly and will continue to do so long after my time here. My experience at the UCV was truly a success. The format of the program, the amiable knowledge of the people and the opportunities gained from my internship and classes have deeply enriched me - and have left a love for the culture and people of Chile. I'm already planning to come back !


Ashley Ammon - ITC-SAP Program at the UCV.
Email: aammon -- at -- bu.edu




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