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Comments On: ActiLingua Academy

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Meet Many New People

With ActiLingua you can meet many new people and make new friends. I already have 27 friends from all over the world, from Greece to Spain ... The two weeks, that I always spend in Vienna with ActiLingua are the best period of the whole year!!!


Courses Very Enjoyable

I liked best the humour and good attitude and willingness of the teachers: all were superb, making the course very enjoyable!

Charlton Ash - Trainer/Consultant

I Could Speak So Much!

This year I had the opportunity to come to live in Vienna. The most important thing for me was to learn the language. I had not one idea of Deutsch, I went to ActiLingua in March and April ... I could speak so much! Just in two months I was really knowing a lot ... Now I am back at school again and every day it is going better and better. I understand newspapers, television, radio, ...


The Teachers Excellent

The teachers' attentiveness, patience and motivation are excellent. The ActiLingua approach and methods are fantastic.

Marion - School pupil
Bordeaux - France

Encouraging Friendly Atomsphere

The thing I liked most about the lessons was the encouraging, friendly atmosphere. I had an extremely nice and interesting time here in Vienna, and experienced and discovered so much.

Rebecka - Student
Uppsala - Sweden

Actilingua Team Wonderful

Dear ActiLingua Team!! I have been so busy since I came back home that I never found the time to send you an email to tell you how much I have enjoyed my stay in Vienna. The ActiLingua team was wonderful, and I would like to thank Mrs Yvonne for the perfect family she had found for me!! The family Stickler is a lovely family. Thanks again for everything, it was a great experience, and I will recommend ActiLingua to all the people who want to learn German!! Best regards.

Slottved - Sweden

My ActiLingua Friends
Hello, my name is Ana Maria Rodrigues and i've been to Austria for the last 3 years on the youth program. I just want to tell, that those weeks that i've spent in summer school were the best summer holidays i've ever had. On the youth programme homepage, you've got a picture in which 4 of my dearest friends are. I would also like to say, that all the environment created between teacher-students and between the students themselves was amaizing. My friendship with the whole school was and still is so strong, that me and my actilingua friends, we have made some plans all together and also visited each other. For example, my spanish, my croatian and some turkish friends have come to Portugal, and i did the same.I just know that most of these friendship will last forever. Thank you very much for the fabulous 14 weeks that I've had in Austria. If you could deliver a message for all the teachers of the summer campus: I hope to see each and every one of you in Portugal as soon as possible. I miss you all.
Auf Wiedersehen und vielen Dank.

Ana Maria Rodrigues - School pupil

Friendliness and Seriousness Great!

There are only a few students in each group. The teachers speak very clearly. Friendliness and seriousness combined - great!!

Nicolas - Student
Angers - France

Happy Times

When I think of happy days in my life and good friends, my thoughts always fly to Vienna and ActiLingua. Thank you very much, once more, for the nice time I have had with you (I mean everything: lessons, excursions, meetings at the Heurigen...). I hope we will meet each other again.
Alberto, 27, Italy


Beautiful City and Rich Cultural

Vienna is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history It is a great city for a young woman to live in. I feel quite safe and comfortable here. The public transport system is efficient and runs on a regular basis. For a student without a car it's a wonderful way of getting around town.

Houston, Texas - USA




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