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Comments On: Bi-Cultural Programs - IMAC

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El curso fue muy bueno, muy intensivo pero divertido tambi? Me gusta en todos
los aspectos: la ciudad, los profesores, la escuela, el curso, las mujeres, etc... (The
course was very good, very intensive but fun as well. I like all the aspects: the city,
the professors, the school, the course, the women, etc...).

Stephen Quirk
Boston, Massachusetts - USA


I enjoyed all my experiences here in Mexico. I like the classes, especially the
concentration on conversation. My biggest problem was my hesitation in speaking.
After spending two weeks working on conversation. I feel much more confident
speaking. I am looking forward to working on grammar now. The homestay has been fine. The family has been very helpful and conversation
with them has helped to build my vocabulary and work on pronunciation.

Durham, North Carolina
Durham, North Carolina:

My teacher managed the class in the right way, he cares about my difficulties and
my faculties (being French that helps very much). I think that I got the basis for
speaking in Spanish. Three weeks is a little short to speak perfectly but ok for later

Bertrand Surin

I enjoyed working with teacher. She was very patient and encouraging. She made me feel like I was learning Spanish. The faculry at IMAC was excellent, very attentive and responsive, nice. We enjoyed seeing them everyday.

Thuy Tien Le
Phoenix, Arizona - USA

This was really an exciting and dynamic experience for me. I would highly
recommend this experience to my fellow. Life is too short not to go with IMAC
into the heart of the Spanish language!

Uffe Rasmussen
Vejle - Denmark

I found everyone connected with the school to be friendly, bright, and warm. The
institute has an inviting feeling to it. The host family went out of their way to include
me in all activities, each member seemingly taking turns to teach and/or show me
something. My instructor was sharp, very friendly, patient, and well-organized. I
will recall my experiences here with fondness.

Tom Coonan
Cabo San Lucas, Baja Cali - MEXICO

It's been a perfect mix of learning with the book and practice in talking hours. I
liked it a lot. My teacher did a wonderful and great job, keep him! My family was and excellent and good choice.

Matthias Schmid

This was a wonderful experience that will help me immensely with my business. I
gained a sound understanding of the Spanish language and an appreciation for the
wonderful culture.

Rick Williams
Walla, Walla, Washington - USA

I was here with the program about two months ago for 2 weeks. I was very happy with my teacher so I decided to return a week before taking a proficiency exam. My teacher has been even more impressive this time around preparing lessons which cater to my specific needs for this exam while assuring that my progress in Spanish is well-rounded.

Matt Kaplan
San Diego, CA - USA

I had my doubts about studying here alone in a foreign country. But I have met so many nice people and had such a good experience that there is no doubt that I would study in Mexico again.

Eileen Torrea
Chicago, IL

I have enjoyed my studies here at IMAC very much and I'm planning to return next year.

John Anderson
Marianna, Philadelfia: - USA

In general I'm very satisfied with IMAC. I have learned a lot of Spanish (even
Spanish you can't find in any dictionaries) and have had a lot of fun. The instructor
has shown a lot of patience waiting for me to complete my sentences but he has always waited and let me speak out before correcting my mistakes.

Lars Terje
Oslo - Norway

The classes are excellent, the best learning experience I have had yet in Spanish.
My conversation skills have improved and I found that we spent adequate time with conversation in class. My family was very nice and I liked them a lot.

Patrick Michel
Chicago, Illinois - USA

I am very happy with the organization and administration of the course. IMAC and
the staff were excellent representatives and took care of all our important concerns.
My teacher was a thoughtful and energetic instructor. He went out of his way to set
up conversation with other students, for which I'm deeply appreciative.

Patrick Sullivan
Sausalito, California - USA

No hay muchos alumnos en mi clase. Mi maestro
me ense??ucho. Puedo saber la cultura Mexicana, es muy interesante. (There aren't
many students in my class. My teacher is
teaching me a lot. I'm getting to know the
Mexican culture).

Mitski Koyama
Osaka - Japan

As a teacher myself, I appreciate having four or less students in the class at all times. I felt that I learned a lot of Spanish while I was here, both in class and with my host family. Thank you for helping me to improve my ability to speak Spanish and learn about your culture.

Melissa Vander Pol
Costa Mesa, CA - USA

He aprovechado plenamente mis 3 semanas de cursos aqu?n IMAC. Este programa exige muchos esfuerzos de modo que uno aprende mucho. El tama??e los grupos limitados a unos cuantos alumnos, facilita tambi?el aprendizaje.

Patrick Th?ault
Levis, Quebec - Canada

I felt very well attended to by the staff. They made Guadalajara my home away from home. The school provided wonderful suggestions for side trips and activities outside of school. It is beautifully centrally located in the city.

Caitlin Kelly
San Diego, CA - USA

It has been four very intersesting and enjoyable weeks. Guadalajara was a very good choice even though it?s a big city. There are many interesting things to do.

Ulla Krogsgaard
Silkeborg - Denmark




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