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Comments On: Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology

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When I was first asked to write about my experience here in Korea, I was very surprised. This is simply because I can't say I know Korea, nor Korean people - I just know a lot of students at K-JIST. Since my everyday life is related to K-JIST I decided to write about our university. When I first came here I was met by a couple of guys from my department, Mechatronics. They were very kind. Actually I think we became good friends with them. As for friendship, someone said that rich is he who has a lot of friends - in this respect I think I am rich - I have a lot of friends. When I saw our department for the first time it was right after my arrival and I was a little tired but at the same time excited.I was also very surprised not to see anybody in the university - I didn't know that most of the people have their industrial practice with some company or studying in their labs. Now, from the framework of these four months I think I must have looked a litle funny and naive at that time...Then the semester started. At first everything was OK, but little by little I was overwhelmed by the course work. Now I spend most of my time in my lab (CAD/CAM LAB) - actually I can't imagine a day without going to my lab - I just like it. We are a good team here and it is funny even in the most work intensive moments. What I mean is that communication is important - especially for a foreigner. As my professor once said to us: We should communicate. If we do not communicate we will not be a team. I think we are a good team and my seniors are helping us, the freshmen, a lot - they are getting us accquainted to the equipment and the ongoing projects in the lab and give us hints for our course work. As for our department, I think we have a good equipment basis and research potential. A typical support of this is the Mechatronics Project that is given to all freshmen during the first semester of each academic year. I don't know whether you know about it so I will briefly explain - all the freshmen are devided into groups (each group being composed of people from different labs). Each group is assigned to a particular project given by one of our profesors. The group should cooperate in team work, i.e. the succes of the project depends largely on the mutual efforts and not on the individual. Besides, usually these projects are from fields that are unknown to most of the tem members - this is both challenge and advantage, because you confront new problems and at the same time your engineering point of view is enriched. Another big benefit is that in this way the people in our department get to know each other very well, thus contributing to a creation of good relationships between each other. Now, four months after my arrival, I feel much beter - I have a lot of friends, I exchange ideas with a lot of people from our department and I try to have my contribution to our mutual work and tasks. I do hope that this cooperative and friendly environment will lead to an achievement of our goals and professional development as engineers.

Mr. Kiril Sotirov, Sergue - Dept. of Mechatronics CAD/CAM Lab
Email: kiril -- at -- geguri.kjist.ac.kr, serguei -- at -- geguri.kjis




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