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Comments On: Bertrand Russell Scuola di Italiano

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The Bertrand Russel School is the perfect place to learn Italian and experience Italy?s rich culture. I can back this statement up with the experience of having recently graduated from a prestigious U.S. univerisity and having been fortunate enough to attend quality primary and secondary schools. Like any school, the Bertrand Russel School is only as good as its teachers and administration.

Fortunately, the Bertrand Russel School is blessed with both a a wonderful director, Christina Garden, and gifted teachers.
Between feasting at Christian?s beautiful villa and discussing karma in class, a student with an open mouth, mind and a thirst for Italian is garunteed a rich and rewarding Italian experience.

David Feingold - Young Professional

While working on my Masters in Spanish and Italian, I acquired a high degree of fluency in Italian. However, for a period of six
years, I spoke little to no Italian in Southern California. When I arrived at Bertrand-Russell: Scuola di Italiano in Padova, Italy my ability to effectively read, write and speak Italian was almost non-existant. Thanks to the school?s superb teaching staff and support personnel, numerous field-trips and thorough attentiveness to the daily needs of students like myself, my Italian has not only returned, but improved. I would reccommend this school to anyone without reservation. If you have any questions about classes, teaching staff, field-trips, lodging, Padova or any other concern please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Mark, 34 - Teacher
Email: mremy -- at -- pwa.acusd.edu




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