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Comments On: Intercultura Language Center

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Beach week

I thought all the teachers I had were great, if I had a question they always knew the answer. I really enjoyed beach week. It was nice to be able to get out of the city for a week. I loved it, especially that during break you could take a swim in the pool!

Mes ?des

I have enjoyed every moment of my stay here, my teachers, and the personnel, were lovely and intelligent. I have read Latin American and Spanish literature, I have perfected my Spanish grammar, I have seen a marvellous volcano and beach, and I fell in love with the country and the people.

Lionel Romanetti - Documentary films
Paris / Corsica - France
Email: lioneltmb -- at -- hotmail.com

well-rounded program

All the teachers have their different strengths and it was interesting to be able to take something different from each one. The extra-curricular activities were great - the dance classes were definitely the best! My family is a fantastic group of people who made me feel very comfortable and were an invaluble tool in my Spanish education.

Monica Axelrad
Quebec - Canada

Changed my Life

Intercultura?s Language program was an unforgettable experience, beautifully orchestrated, the energy between my family and I was perfect. The learning experience was beyond beneficial, it has changed my life- forever.

D.K. Sawyer - business
Long Beach - California

School impressions

Intercultura?s Spanish program was well organized and the school gave me the feeling of being in good hands. The teacher?s ability to communicate was very, very good! No suggestions at all!

Andrea Morawietz - student
Walbinger - Germany


The classes were well organized and the explanations were easy to understand. Heredia provides easy access to San Jos?nd I liked the quietness. I liked the school very much because of it?s atmosphere and the level at which espa??is taught. I met special people here, I?ll never forget this school, the professors and my friends.

Aya Oda - student
Email: aya317 -- at -- kcn.ne.jp

Pura Vida!

Thank you all for such an exciting and rewarding experience. It really did my heart and soul good to escape the hectic culture of the United States and to experience the charm and friendliness of Heredia...I was thoroughly impressed by my instructors and all the staff....I felt that my Spanish really improved in the short time I was there. I know your program was effective because, by the second week, I could feel myself beginning to think a little in Spanish ...This was an exciting feeling!...As a result of my stay in
Costa Rica, I have begun to understand the true meaning of 'Pura Vida'.

Roger Edwards - engineer
Email: r_edward -- at -- bellsouth.net

Program report

?I can report that Intercultura is a well-organized and well-run academic institution providing an excellent environment and high-quality training [in the Spanish language]... I feel comfortable recommending Intercultura with great enthusiasm

Dr. Sherman Fein - Costa Rican Consulate
Springfield - USA
Email: alltorts -- at -- aol.com




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