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Comments On: Institute of Modern Spanish

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I felt like such a part of the family...I enjoyed the warmth of the staff. I enjoyed meeting such friendly, warm people.

Kate - teacher
North Carolina - USA
Email: SRAK47 -- at -- aol.com

(translated from Spanish) The experience was great...the school and the faculty were the best. Each professor brought something important to my learning experience. Each professor was very professional and has a lot of patience...I don't know enough adjectives to sufficiently describe my feelings. Thank you very much for everything.

Sandra - retired, frequent traveller
Georgia - USA
Email: Beury -- at -- webtv.net

The INSTITUTE OF MODERN SPANISH is AWSOME. From the directors to the teachers & families, everyone is so wonderful. Luis (a teacher) made learning very fun.

Connie - student
Maryland - USA

Everything was very good. All the organization was just perfect!

Ken - Student
Texas - USA

The teachers personalize the information to each student. They repsect each student. My family was also very welcoming. Everyone helped my understand the ruins, sights, and events around Merida. (They) made my feel welcomed.

Suzanne - Social Work
Iowa - USA




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