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Comments On: Inlingua Salzburg

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Skiing, skiing, skiing - that’s what I wanted to do in Austria. With it’s great skiing locations
where one can practice the whole year round it was the perfect place for me to prepare to
become a ski instructor. At inlingua Salzburg I first attended a group course to get the
basics for German and than took individual lessons to go through the specific vocabulary
for my instuctor course and examination. The teachers at inlingua Salzburg are not only
well trained in the aspects of the language and teaching method but also specialized in
varying fields of proficiency. So the director of studies choose a very good teacher for me
who was also a good skier and had no problems practicing the required terminology with
me. That’s why I passed the examination. Whenever my job in Japan allows some days off. I
return to see my friends in Austria - and take the opportunity there to go skiing.

Nin , Japan

Nin - Trainee for ski-instructor

I came to Salzburg for what was originally to be a 4 month visit. After having visited the
country and the sights, tasted the food, learned about the culture and history in Austria as
well as having met the people, I realized that 4 months was nowhere close to how long I
wanted to stay. I enrolled in a 4 week intensive German course at inlingua. At the beginning
I was slightly apprehensive of the word ‘intensive’ and felt that 4 weeks in such a small
group would push me to my limits and I wouldn’t be able to cope. I couldn’t have been
more mistaken. The course was dictated at the speed of the students’ comprehension and
there was never any pressure to cover material at a faster pace at any point. The lessons
were fun and very relevant for the needs of day to day life. In fact I enjoyed it so much that
after the initial 4 week course I booked a further two week course. I am now able to speak a
fairly good German and can handle a conversation. My advice to anyone deciding to come
to Salzburg is to be prepared to stay longer than what is originally planned, since you won’t
want to leave.
Isabelle, Spain

Isabelle Smorczewsky

I came to Salzburg to study music in W.A. Mozart’s city of birth. The inlingua school in
Salzburg was recommended to me by a lot of other students of the Mozarteum where I took
my lessons for singing. My colleagues told me if I want to learn German very fast I have to
go to inlingua. Because there one does not only learn the Grammar and how to write but
also how to speak as the groups are very small. Speaking German correctly was very
important for me as I had to learn a lot of songs, I had to pronounce the words correctly
and of course I had to understand my singing-master well. My friends were right, at inlingua
Salzburg I learned really fast. Besides that all the people there, teachers, secretaries and
the director too helped me a lot with all the paperwork and all the problems I had to face
after my arrival. My mom was a little bit worried when I left to stay alone in a country so far
from home. She called often and sent packages with food from home. But after only a short
time I could convince her that I really felt safe and that the food in Austria was very good (I
gained 6 kilos). I enjoyed the familiar atmosphere at school very much: the
horse-sleigh-riding in winter, the beautiful lakes in summer the concerts we went to (once I
gave a concert for all my friends at inlingua). Even before the end of my studies I had got a
contract at the opera in Berlin.

Won-Yun, Korea

Won-Yun - Student (University)

I started to learn German in Italy because I need the language for my Job as a sales
representative. After a few months I was able to read easy workpapers but I still could not
express myself. So I decided to book an intensive group course in a well-reputated school
called inlingua. Between the about 80 inlingua schools in German speaking countries I
choose Salzburg because it’s surrounded by mountains and lakes and I like the Alps and
the charming atmosphere of Austria very much.
I was very lucky because during the time of my stay I not only had the possibility to
experience the famous ‘Salzburger Festspiele’ but could also celebrate with my teachers
and other students the great event of the ‘Total Eclipse’. While the sun was hiding behind
the moon we were having a roof-party watching the beautiful city of Salzburg become dark
and bright again. It was an once in a life time experience which I will never forget. If you
book your course at inlingua Salzburg you can find the photos I took from the Eclipse in the
showcase. Now back in Italy I am continuing my studies at the inlingua school in my
Enrico , Italy

Enrico G. - Sales Representative




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