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Comments On: Escuela Internacional

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Thanks to the quality, well prepared professors at Escuela Internacional, after just six weeks of classes I can read the newspaper, converse and ask for anything I need with relative ease. Because of E.I.'s system I learned Spanish quickly.

- MBA student,Massachusetts, USA

I loved the city of Malaga. I lived in an apartment so close to the beach I went there all the time. Besides learning a lot of Spanish I got to see wonderful places like Granada and Sevilla. It was like being on vacation and studying at the same time.

- University StudentGeorgia, USA

Escuela Internacional gave me the opportunity to return to Spain and visit many of the places I was teaching about. From Alcala de Henares I was able to visit Madrid, Toledo and more. Not only was I able to improve my Spanish, but I obtained so many ideas from the professors and other Spanish teachers in the course that I can't wait to try them out in my classes this year.

- Spanish TeacherCalifornia, USA

Living in Spain has given me new experiences to share with my students. It was wonderful to be able to meet Spanish teachers from other countries and exchange thoughts, ideas and methods.

- Spanish TeacherOklahoma, USA

In a letter sent to the Directors one month after the course: I want to thank you and tell you that I am very happy with your school. I must say your school is perfect for foreign students who wish to learn Spanish. Whenever I had a doubt about something, you or the teachers were always there to help. Also there were always extra activities that made the time more enjoyable. I know that I will return to the school in Alcala de Henares so I can learn more. Thank you so much! I plan to recommend Escuela Internacional to my friends who want to study in Spain next summer.

- High School StudentCalifornia, USA

I came with a group from my school to Salamanca. I learned so much in just 4 weeks! I really enjoyed the activities and meeting students from other countries. Thank you for a wonderful summer.

- High School StudentHawaii, USA

This is my first time taking a language class in another country and I am having a great time and learning a lot. The teachers are great. They make the lessons fun and give all of us attention and encourage our learning. They are also interested in us as people and my class has developed a bond. Teachers have even joined us in our 'after hours' activities.

- Graphic DesignerNew York, USA
Email: F123456706 -- at -- aol.com

My two months at Escuela Internacional gave me an excellent understanding of Spanish and prepared me for my continuing work in Latin America. The teachers, their methods and the city of Salamanca was a wonderful setting for learning Spanish.

- Consultant, Emerging Capital MarketNew York, USA

I came to Escuela Internacional to revise and improve my Spanish language skills. The courses were very useful and the
professors assured that grammar topics were treated effectively so that we learned quickly. I would recommend Escuela Internacional to anyone interested in learning or improving their Spanish.

- Health CareIllinois, USA

I needed to learn to communicate in Spanish and learn about Hispanic culture in order to live and work in Latin America. The
course was excellent. The professors are very knowledgeable and work hard to make classes interesting. During the afternoons or on weekends there were many activities and excursions to learn about this culture which now extends to many parts of the world. I enjoyed studying with students from many different countries.

Nun, England

I had basic Spanish skills that I needed to improve for my work. With E.I.?s methods I was able to learn quickly.

- BankerMaryland, USA

Escuela Internacional gave me the opportunity to improve my Spanish and find a job with a Spanish Airline, thanks to excellent professors and very motivating classes.

- Flight AttendantNorway

Escuela Internacional is very well organized. I like the classes we have here. I am learning a lot. The teachers are very good. They help us and explain everything clearly. I couldn't speak Spanish at all when I arrived to Spain. Now I'm starting to speak more.

- HousewifeNew York, USA

I came to Spain with no knowledge of Spanish. The E.I. staff was very helpful both before and after arrival with any questions I had. My wife joined me after my course to travel in Spain. I was amazed at how much Spanish I could use during our trip. I feel more confident now about being able to communicate with people when our company begins its projects in South America.

- EngineerSweden

Learning Spanish in Malaga was great, because I could also learn about the culture of Southern Spain. I loved staying in the Costa del Sol because I love the beach and wind surfing. There were always interesting things to talk about in classes and I got to meet students from around the world.

- University Student,North Carolina, USA

Last year I studied at E. I. Salamanca. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to go study at E.I. Alcala de Henares. I learned a lot with the nice teachers and I also liked the many activities they offered. This is why I adore Spain.

- University Student,France

Classes are small in size which makes for a personal atmosphere where everyone can get to know each other. Professors are always open to questions and are really interested in our progress. They are also receptive to our ideas and were willing to change topics to correspond to our interests.

- University Student, Germany EscuelSalamanca, Spain

Escuela Internacional in Alcala de Henares has very competent teachers who work to make classes interesting and get students involved. Classrooms are very adaptable and there is a good atmosphere with students from all parts of the world. My host family is very nice and I am feeling comfortable in their home. I am enjoying my stay in Spain.

- University StudentWisconsin, USA
Email: HollyA50 -- at -- hotmail.com

When I arrived to Escuela Internacional my Spanish was not very good and for that reason I was a bit nervous. But all the teachers and the other people at the school were very nice and helped me to learn a lot. I like my classes a lot. The school is very good, because there are always activities and excursions for us to learn about Spanish culture and see Spain. I am really enjoying my time here.

- University StudentTexas, USA




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