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Comments On: Cuernavaca Language School - Speak Spanish

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I had a great time al the Cuernavaca Language School in Cuernavaca, M?co.My experience there was invaluable and it will remain with me forever. I enjoyed the way the classes were structurated, in addition to the friendliness of the staff. The reading material was appropriate and the lessons were meaningful. I also enjoyed the beautiful living arrangements made by my host family. They were very nice and hospitable. The food was delicious and they always made sure that I had enough to eat (smile). I was proud to be a member of the Ram?z family, even if it was just for a short time. Getting to school was easy, especially when you live with the director of the program.

Once again, I thank all of you for all your love, support and encouragement. In my opinion, the Cuernavaca Language School is one of the best places to improve or learn Spanish !

Su amigo y estudiante

Bryan Scott

Bryan Scott
1 Haven Plaza Suite 4E Ne

Cuernavaca Language School is a quaint & vibrant setting among a lovely private & tranquil setting. The school has professional teachers and the repetitive style helps you stick the language. I have enjoyed there enforcement in the home,and have arrived a stranger and am living as a friend. Su casa ha sido mi casa.

Jocelyn Krug
2455 West 6th Avenue Vanc
Email: bandb -- at -- axionet.com

As a former language teacher, I know when I see a good language instruction. And what I saw at Cuernavaca Language School was the best!

In addition to great classes, we found the faculty really cared for us as individuals.

We have recommended the school to a number of people and will look forward to coming back soon.

Roberto B. Sharp
Lafayette, CO

My eight weeks in Cuernavaca were some of the most memorable of my life.Not only did my Spanish vastly improve, but I made friends that I hope will last forever. My host family was incredible warm and friendly; because of them, I felt right at home. Small classes, knowledgeable teachers,conversation with my host family and friends, and opportunities to travel in Mexico combined to make my stay unforgettable.

Anne Johnson
2105 Polaris Ave. #103 Au
Email: awjohnson -- at -- mail.utexas.edu

Cuernavaca is my Camelot and my second home. Every time I leave, I am sad and really never ready to go. When my nephew, Chrls married Mitzi, a beautiful women from Puebla, Mexico,I met so many of Mitzi?s wonderful family and friends at the wedding,wanting to speak to them but not knowing a word of Spanish. When I return home to Denver, Colorado, I found the Cuernavaca Language School on the Internet. No brochure about the school can fully describe the experience.It?s everything I had hoped for and more.

The school itself is beautiful situated inside a gated community in a building with charming classrooms and a lovely, sunny courtyard. The administration and teaching staff are so welcoming and full of life. The teachers come from diverse professions and are well trained. Because the class sizes are so small, the individual attention and methodology assure fast paced learning. The school student population is varied, and often provides opportunities to become friends with people from all over the world. On my most recent trip, I met a woman who invited me to ski in Vancouver, Canada at her cabin with her, met a doctor who I will visit in Hamburg, Germany, and met a student from Haiti with whom I will correspond.All the students have very special weekend trip opportunities with a delightful trip guide, German, who is employed by the school. My weekend journeys have included unforgettable experiences touring many sites in M?co City, seeing mammoth caves and pyramids, visiting Taxco and bringing back some fine silver, seeing the village of Tepoztl?and climbing the nearby mountain.

However, sometimes I prefer to stay in Cuernavaca for the weekend. I fell totally safe there. I jump on the little buses alone and can get anywhere I want to go inexpensively or it is also very reasonable take a taxi. The weather is perfect! It is always a gorgeous spring day. I have fallen in love with the city. The romantic aura is part of the experience. I adore the Jard?Borda, the botanical gardens with flowers, fountains and lakes.It is a city paradise. But flowers and trees grow everywhere in the city.There are two connecting city squares, where much entertainment is provided such as mariachi groups and bands. It is a colorful and bright atmosphere,with balloons, paintings, and music. I have learned much from visits to the Palacio de Cort?Museum. I repeatedly take in the vivid sights of the Mercado Grande, an open market that is huge and sells everything that is sold at a huge mall, yet a shopper can dicker over already cheap prices.But my happy city pass time is dancing. Every kind is available but my favorite is salsa dance and I delight in going to nearby clubs where waterfalls and palm trees are the back ground for great live music with dancers that dance into the wee hours of the night. Of course, tequila and beer can be enjoyed, as well! I also do not have to interrupt my regular work out schedule because there is a modern gym where I continue my weight lifting, spinning bike classes, and even salsa step and dance classes there. I have an artist contact and take drawing lessons, learning to sketch the beautiful landscapes and people of M?co, as well.

However the most meaningful experience for me is living with my family. It was destiny that I was assigned there for my first month. My student apartment on the second floor of their home is lovely and clean, with my bed, desk and clothing storage in one room and a huge bath and shower attached. The living room outside my room leads to a porch and stairs that climb to the roof where I sit in the sun to study overlooking a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and city. The Velasco?s are my second family. The father, Silvano, is the Director of the Language Studies at the school and the finest Spanish teacher. I was fortunate enough to be the only student in his class on my recent two-week stay, which I highly value. He is so full of humor, love for his family and language, and song.He sings and plays the guitar and I am beginning to learn some of these beautiful songs. Silvano greets each day full of positive spirit waving and and greeting people as we drive to school each day. He lights up a room when he enters it. His wife, Lucy, is such a special person. Every member of the family and guests in the home adore her. She is gracious and humble.Everybody is made to feel welcome. Each main meal, served at 2:30 p.m. Is so delicious and fine. Their four daughters are beautiful in such individual ways. I love to watch them grow over the years and see their friends come into the home. Several nights a week the girls have a group join them and with guitars, mandolins and other instrumentation and their beautiful voices fill the air. Total love and respect for one another is apparent in their home. High values are the family and their religion. On a recent trip I joined the entire Velasco family and had a rare opportunity to see them and the extended large family that numbers in the thirties celebrate the D? de Muertos (Day of the Dead) in little mountain village above Taxco, called Casahuates. For three days I helped prepare for the fiesta by making spe ial bread, picking flowers by the armful, and assisting in making the alter. I attended the services in the little church at the top of the mountain and then we all piled into the back of a pick up truck and drove to cemeteries on the last day, adorning the grave sites with many more colorful flowers. Lucia?s family treated me like a family member. I have memories I will cherish my whole life. I never know how tot hank them for everything they give me. The willingness to open their home to me each time with such love is overwhelming and has no monetary value.

Cuernavaca is my Camelot, my second home, to which I will always return.Attending the Cuernavaca Language School is far more than a language experience!

Beverly J. Short - Cherry Creek Schools 5th Grade Tea
2494 Ginny Way Lafayette,
Email: bevshort -- at -- bigplanet.com

After attending the Cuernavaca Language School and staying with a host family for the first time several years ago, I now have the habit of returning every year. The language and people fascinate me and I find the weather almost ideal.

Wallace W. Reid
15048 Tallman Rd. Eagle,

Attending the Cuernavaca Language School and living in Cuernavaca was a wonderful experience for me. The school has a friendly, warm atmosphere and is very conducive to learning Spanish. The classes are great because there are less than 4 students in a class with a teacher, so every student receives a lot of attention. The focus of the classes is helpful because we concentrated on actually speaking Spanish, as opposed to putting emphasis on writing or grammar in other Spanish classes. The culture class is very interesting and is good experience for listening comprehension. The school also gives dance lessons, cooking classes, and has fiestas frequently, which are a lot of fun. The stay with a Mexican family is also a great experience. I learned so much from interacting with my family and had many great times with them. I hope to go back to Cuernavaca to visit them soon. The city of Cuernavaca is really pretty and there are many different things to urge all people interested in learning Spanish and about the Mexican culture to go to Cuernavaca and attend the Cuernavaca Language School. It will be a wonderful experience!

Kirsten A. Johnson
86 Woolnough Beattle Cree
Email: kajohnso -- at -- umich.edu

I have been to the Cuernavaca Language School 3 times and each time I have not only improved my spanish language skills but I enjoyed my lessons, my stay with my host family, the excursions, the community and Mexico. My vacation time was well spent; I learned Spanish in the most enjoyable way possible.

Fran Amos
1937 Flintlock Terrace We
Email: FranAmos10 -- at -- aol.com

The Cuernavaca Language School was definitely a worthwhile experience. The intensive amount of speaking, small class size, and fun teachers helped me improve my grammar and pronunciation. In just four weeks I improved my Spanish by 100%. I would like to come back again in order to improve even more!

Kristin L. Wolverton
1946 Fairview Ave. N Rose
Email: wolvertonk -- at -- wartburg.edu

I studied in Cuernavaca for a month a year and a half ago as a freshmen in college. It was one of the best experiences in my life. I stayed with an incredible family and I learned so much. In fact, this experience made me decide to study abroad for a semester. currently I am attending La Universidad de las Am?cas en Puebla, M?co.

I would recommend this experience to anyone. You do not need to be fluent in Spanish to study in Mexico. I learned more in one month here than I did in 4 years of Spanish in high school. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Sarah Gabel
418 13th St. SE Mason Ci
Email: gabels -- at -- wartburg.edu

I had a really great time in Cuernavaca Language School. Everybody there was ready to help me with anything. The teachers were very nice. I loved the culture class especially because the teacher was so fascinating and interesting. My host family made me feel at home from the first day and that was very enjoyable. I got a good basic foundation of Spanish in four weeks, enough to chat with my family and feel comfortable by asking things anywhere.

Simon Julien Comina
8 ch du 1er Aout1222 V?
Email: wolvertonk -- at -- wartburg.edu

I am really satisfied that I chose Cuernavaca Language School because I had to many unforgettable experiences during my stay. The language classes were very intensive, and after 10 weeks, I can feel that my Spanish has improved so much, especially in speaking and listening. Also, staying with a host family was a great advantage for me. During the whole stay I have felt like I was at home. I don't want to leave now, and I really want to come back to the school and continue my study of Spanish.

Watashi wa Cuernavaca Language School wo erande hontouni yokattatoomoimasu. Supeingo no jyugyou wa totemo
shyuuchuutekide tokuni kikukoto tohanasukoto ni olte totemo jyoutatsusita to omoimasu. Mata host family watotemo iihitotachide. Kokoniiruaida, anshinshite kurasukoto gadekimushita.

Kikaiga areba mata Cuernavacani kite motto iroiro benkyo shitaito omoimasu.

Shion Okamoto
Email: shion40 -- at -- hotmail.com

The Spanish program at Cuernavaca Language School makes the language come alive!

The program builds vocabulary, improves grammar and increases pronunciation simultaneously. Each day we also learn about Mexico's history and present-day culture.

The maestros are all highly professional. Each week I had a different instructor which helped me get accustomed to various accents.

I think it's better to live with a family so that you can learn about everyday life. Many hosts are also instructors at the school. I now know the meaning of Mi casa es su casa.

Jayne Fox - Corporate Relations Officer Federal
104 Marietta Street, Atla
Email: jayne.fox -- at -- atl.frb.org

My two-week study at CLS was exactly what I was looking for to meet my needs. I want to speak Spanish with ease and the
school's emphasis on grammar and conversation gave me tremendous opportunity to practice. In addition, the superb lectures on the Mexican culture inspired me to want to learn even more. I am so looking forward to my next stay.

Celsa L. Shewan
2117 W. San Jose Ave. Fr
Email: celsa -- at -- sprintmail.com




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