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Comments On: BWS Germanlingua

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I am Gemma from Barcelona. It is already for the second time that I stay at Grun, simply because I cannot live without Grun for more then 10 months. grun is simply great; beatiful landscape around, wonderful teachers in the classes, a good cook and so on, but the best about these people is that they are all really good friends.

You already know that I cannot forget you.

So, good luck and see you next summer. Thank you very much!!


I really enjoy the small classes and the friendly atmosphere at the school. It is a super learning experience with an excellent teacher and wonderful fellow students from all over trhe world. After lessons we do a lot of activities together with our teachers or have a cultural programme in the evenings. It is always very funny and you learn really fast.

I stay a very nice German family and we already became friends. Living with a family is a great way to get to know the German way of life and it gives you the opportunity to talk a lot.

Anna, 22

My name is maria esther and I come from Spain. I live in Santander, a town at the coast. I learn german because I work at a hotel. I think that German is important for my work and the best way to learn it is in the country where the language is spoken.

I booked a group course at BWS Germanlingua which is a combination of a group course with 20 lessons a week and 5 individual lessons a week which gives me the opportunity to do special training for my job.

I am at school from 17 November to 20 December 1997. I finish [course] this week, but I want to come back next year.

Maria esther, 26

In August 1997 I have experienced the most beatiful days of my life, because I have not been to Germany before. It was you who opened my eyes that Germany is really a nice country. Therefore I would like to thank you very much, not only for this, but also for your sincere love, friendship and so on. I felt like home here and I am looking forward very, very much to seeing you again.

Oliver: You are a very, very good, sympathetic teacher, also a special cook, a real friend, however, if I were Sharon Stone, I would never marry you (Subjuntive II, present tense) You are a terrible smoker.

Ursula: You are a good teacher, friend...

Silvia: You are a beatifull girl, pleasant teacher

Uwe: You are a better cook than Oliver, no, the best one, come to us sometimes to cook something.

Mascha: You are a very good friend.

Thank you for everything! Good luck
With great love

Katarina, 16

My name is Keith and I come from canada. I am 24 years old. I stay at the school from 21 September 1997 until January 1998.

The atmosphere at the school is super. Our teachers are nice and young and you never feel nervous about speaking or making mistakes. They always have time to talk to you, to give infomation on leisure activities or to accompany you on events of cultural and leisure programmes. You can have fun and learn a lot.

Among the activities we did together with our teachers I liked best the Hofbrauhaus - a famous beer hall - and the Octoberfest....

Keith, 24

I am studying music in Munich. I will stay here for 2 years and I have to learn German for my studies. I have already been here for 2 months and I coould not speak a word of German when I arrived. I really learned a lot and I have found many friends here.

...Munich is a beatiful city with a rich cultural story. Its unique charm derives from the lovely buildings from different ancient
epochs. I saw a lot of beatiful sights and I enjoyed touring the city. there is a lot to do in Munich, for every taste and everybody. It offers a variety of cultural and historical atractions as well as an intensive night life. It never gets boring. There is always something happening.

Maya. 19 years




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