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Comments On: Academia de Espanol Quito

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Thank you so much for making my vacation so wonderful. Aprendí mucho, mucho, mucho en su escuela. This is my second time. All the teachers were kind, friendly and inteligent. I can' t remember how to spell in English.
Otra vez, muchas muchas Gracias!

Joan Sanderson - Teacher
Email: zg2bch -- at -- aol.com

Muchas gracias por todo! Disfrutaba mucho mi tiempo en la escuela y en Ecuador. El viaje del Oriente y todas nuestras aventuras fueron muy divertidos. Las clases, los profesores y toda la gente en la escuela fueron muy amables. Espero que algun día yo regrese.

Nadaa Taiyab - Finance-Investment Banking
Vancouver - Canada
Email: nadaataiyab -- at -- hotmail.com

Muchas gracias para enseñarme el español. Estas clases me ayudarán con mi trabajo.

Sarah Kaplan - College Student
Email: skaplan -- at -- mail2.vcu.edu

Les agradezco muchisimo por la calidad de los cursos, su profesionalismo y sobre todo por su amabilidad. Mi experiencia en la Academia ha sido totalmente positiva y llena de "descubrimientos."

Martine Garoute Roberts - Spanish and French Teacher
Email: mgroberts -- at -- ais-dhaka.net

Ich bedanke mich sehr herzlich bei allen Angestellten der Schule für die Hilfe, die sie mir zukommen liessen und für die Antworten auf meine vielen Fragen. Ich habe mich aufgehoben gefühlt. Der Unterricht hat dazu beigegeben, dass mein Spanisch deutlich besser geworden ist und ich mich schon sehr viel sicherer fühle. Das Aktivitätsprogramm war abwechslungsreich und ich konnte auf seine Gestaltung Einfluss nehmen.
Muchas gracias a todos.

Dorothea Mende
Berlin - Germany
Email: domen -- at -- t-online.de

Muchas gracias a todos! This trip has been such a wonderful adventure, and I only wish I had more time to stay here longer. First rate professors, a fantastic family, and wonderful excursions (Anaconda trip, Cotopaxi, etc). Wow! Its been an advenuture of a lifetime and I look forward to someday returning to Ecuador. Lots of new friends and incredible memories - Perfecto!

Wendy Froehlich - Medical Student
Email: wendyfro -- at -- hotmail.com

Thank you so much for another excellent time here in Ecuador. My teachers and host family were excellent. You have made is country my second home and I hope to return soon.

Anthony Kohler - College Student
Email: kohlerad -- at -- mlc-wels.edu

I couldn't have asked for a better experience than I have had with the Academia de Español Quito. The Aministration was very concientous to fulfill my requests for the program. I had an excellent teacher who fulfilled all my desires in instruction: literature, culture, history and conversation.
My familia was wonderful and spent a great deal of time with me. I ate very well! They tried to always give me typical Ecudorian food and they included me in many activities.
Quito is marvelous and the people are super. I would highly recommend the program Español Activa. I am completly satisfied.

Mary E. Morfeld, Ph. D - Spanish Teacher
Email: morfed -- at -- hotmail.com

¡Muchísimas gracias por una muy buena experiencia con ustedes! He aprendido tantas cosas – de la gramática pero también de la cultura de su país. Sin duda, voy a regresar, y cuando regrese, voy a traer a todos mis amigos.

Samantha Jacob - Student
Email: So-snow-white -- at -- hotmail.com

I had a wonderful experience at the Academia Español and feel I must return for more of the same as soon as possible. You’ve given me an amazing start and I must continue!
I enjoyed the morning classes and the afternoons ”out and about Quito”.

Hola Quito!
I hope this e-mail finds everyone at the Academia safe and healthy! I just want you to know that my 4 weeks in your school has made such a difference in my studies here in college. That was one of the best
educational investments I have made!

Thank you so much for making my vacation so wunderful. Aprendí mucho, mucho en su escuela. This is my second time. I was here last year too. The trips to the Amazon, Riobamba, Cotopaxi, Baños etc. were wonderful. All the teachers were very kind and friendly.
Otra vez, muchas, muchas gracias
Con cariño

Joan Sanderson
Los Angeles, CA - U.S.A.
Email: zg2bch -- at -- aol.com

Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful experience for a second time. Your program has made me a better reader, writer, speaker and thinker in Spanish. So much so, I can hardly think in English at this moment.
I hope to return as soon as possible.

Amy Reede - College Student
Email: espchica -- at -- hotmail.com

I just wanted to say that I had one of the most intensive courses I have ever taken for Spanish while I was at this school. I mean, think my language fluency and proficiency improved a lot. I can't think of any other method through which I could have learned this much in such little time. Qué bueno!

John Choi - High School Student

War zwei Wochen in der Schule und kann sagen, es war sehr nützlich. Man kann genaus sagen, was man lernen möchte und das wird dann auch so gemacht. Zudem kann man sich die Aktivitäten für den Nachmittag selbst zusammenstellen, wenn man das so wünscht, was sehr gut war. Die Lehrer sind sehr gut informiert über Politik, Geographie und Kultur dieses Landes und geben es auch sehr lebendig und interessant weiter. Bei Erledigungen, die man in der Stadt zutun hat, wird man auch nach allen Kräften unterstützt. Insgesammt war ich sehr zufrieden und komme wieder. Danke

Christof Herber - Purser
Email: christofherber -- at -- hotmail.com




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