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Program Details - Institut Richelieu - School of French - Lausanne, Switzerland

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Ducraux Marc
Address: Rue du Clos de Bulle 7
City / Province: Lausanne, Vaud
Postal Code 1004
Country: Switzerland

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 41 21 3232718

General Program Information

When it opened in 1962, Institut Richelieu could already benefit the founder's forty year experience in the educational field. Since then, it has always been influenced by inspirational results of new research which significantly reformed the teaching of modern languages.

Four general principles prevail in our instruction :

Students are motivated in a relaxed but pleasantly stimulating atmosphere.

In order to facilitate the student's rapid progress, a large choice of psychologically adapted incentives are used as to complement individual capacities.

Teaching aids with proven educational value such as record players, language laboratory and video sets are judiciously used.

Professional teachers only instruct students and evaluate their progress.

These four principles applied to small classes (4 to 14 students) enable the School to provide students with the best chances of fast progress under close supervision. Moreover, our School's close contacts with the ALLIANCE FRANCAISE of Paris provide us with guidelines from their exceptional worldwide experience.

20 hours per week, in the morning
(Monday through Friday from 8.30 to 12.00)
This intensive course suits those students who wish to dedicate most of their time to the study of French.

4 hours per week, in the afternoon
(two afternoons from 2.15 to 3.55)

convenient to 'au-pair' girls or people working in the morning. Students with some knowledge of French can take two different courses and attend four afternoon courses, which makes eight hours a week.

a. The afternoon classes are not held in Summer; students may take these same courses attending the evening classes.

4 hours per week, in the evening
(two evenings form 6.30 to 8.10)
Set up mainly for people who are not free during the day. As for the afternoon classes, students with some knowledge of French can take two different evening courses, which makes eight hours a week.
a.. You may attend classes for 24 or even 28 hours a week by combining the intensive morning course with the afternoon or evening courses.
b.. The language laboratory remains open according to a schedule for those students who wish to practise personally in addition to their classroom work.
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