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Program Details - Insula Sevilla - Seville, Spain

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Paula Alvarez
Address: C/ Ortiz de Zuniga, 10
City / Province: Seville, Seville
Postal Code 41004
Country: Spain

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 34 95 4213516

General Program Information

Type of Courses:

• Standard Course • Extensive Course • Intensive Course • One-to-One (private lessons) • DELE Focus • Specific Courses

Standard Courses: designed to fulfill the objectives for the advancement of a level in four weeks (five days a week/four lessons each day). You can choose a two or three week standard course, but in that case, you must know that the course's contents will not be completed. if you schedule is such that you can not attend class five days a week, please consult our secretary and we will find a alternative wherein you will be able to meet you objectives.

Extensive Course: If you have decided to take a minimum of two courses (8 weeks) at our centre, we offer you the opportunity to receive a discounted price by paying in full at time of enrollment (discounts have already been applied to fees posted on web).

Intensive Course In this case you are able to advance in level at a faster pace, i.e. in a smaller number of weeks. The largest difference between the intensive and the standard course lies within the number of classes offered each day and their distribution. In the intensive course you will enjoy 3 hours of class each morning (group maximum 8 people) and 2 hours of class each evening (group maximum 4 people). This course is designed to understand in depth the concrete needs of each student. the intensive course allows for the completion of one level in 3 weeks.

Private Lessons Designed to satisfy each student's individual needs. At the time of registration an interview is conducted with each student to find our his/her particular objectives. After the interview a program is created which reflects these objectives in the development of its classes. There exits the option to chose private classes for two people.

Preparation for the DELE Exam: This is a preparation course offered to those students wishing to earn a diploma issued by the Ministry of Science and Education in collaboration with the Cervantes institute. We offer the following levels: initial, basic and superior.

Specific Courses: We have developed a dossier of specific courses which all the student to study in depth while simultaneously perfecting their use of the language: Spanish for business, Spanish of South America, Written Expression, Spanish Civilization, Composition and Syntax, Traditions and Legends, Spanish Cinema and Literature.
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