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Program Details - Collegium Civitas - Warsaw, Poland

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Paulina Codogni
Address: Palace of Culture and Science, 12th Floor
City / Province: Warsaw
Postal Code 00-901
Country: Poland

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 48 22 6567160

General Program Information

If you are interested in social sciences, have regard for the quality of your education, and care about your future career and life plans, then consider studying at Collegium Civitas, the leading Polish university offering International Relations and Political Science degree programs in English.

Collegium Civitas was established under the auspices of five Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1997 and has relied extensively upon the teaching and research traditions of these renowned Institutes. It is open to new and rewarding inventions in higher education: interdisciplinary approaches, closer lecturer-student relations, study abroad programs, internships, and the encouragement and supervision of individual student research projects. Collegium Civitas has grown into a university of the XXI century.

If you have completed the first cycle at a college or university (i.e received a BA or equivalent) in any subject, and want to gain an MA in International Relations or Political Science, then apply to Collegium Civitas 2-year MA in International Relations or 2-year MA in Political Science.

If you have not studied at a college or university but are thinking about a period of higher education with an emphasis on International Relations or Political Science, then apply to the Collegium Civitas 3-year BA in International Relations or 3-year BA in Political Science.

If you study at a university and think about visiting some university in the European Union for a semester or two, consider enrolling on the One Semester Abroad Program at Collegium Civitas. This program provides a valuable learning and life experience. Students may come wither individually or as participants of a larger group from a particular college or university, and they will entitled to enroll on any course from the curriculum, including language courses.

Collegium Civitas also runs an internship program for English speakers: internship placements are offered in more than 20 prestigious and career enhancing institutions/organizations. Internships may be combined with academic studies with transferable credits and grades.


Collegium Civitas is one of a very few non-state universities in Poland that have the right to run PhD studies and award PhD degrees. Currently, it provides an opportunity to study on a PhD Program in Sociology. A Doctoral Program in Political Science is offered jointly by Collegium Civitas and the Institute of Political Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Programs feature individualized academic guidance and are offered both in full-time and part-time formats.

Collegium Civitas is a world-class university. It has more than 30 partners (universities or research institutes and academics) worldwide, from Ottawa (Canada) to Seoul (South Korea), with which it has signed either bilateral or Erasmus exchange agreements. Its students are engaged in research projects and have an opportunity to publish their work in academic papers issued by the university.

Advantages of choosing Collegium Civitas as your place of study include:
    *  receiving first-rate education at a renowned university,
    *  learning from prime researchers in the field,
    *  meeting visiting professors from around the world,
    *  refining your communicative skills in English,
    *  making use of internships at various Embassies and other international organizations,
    *  using the BA Programs as a springboard for further studies in the UK, the US, Canada or other English speaking countries,
    *  paying reasonable tuition fees, and
    *  enjoying traditions, hospitality, cuisine in a vibrant, friendly and affordable capital city, Warsaw.

There are two student intakes each year. For the spring semester of the 2009/2010 academic year the admissions process lasts until January 29, 2010, while for the fall semester of the 2010/2011 academic year the deadline for applications is September 11, 2010.

Applicants are selected on the basis of their high school performance (for BA programs) or college grades (for MA programs), and of their command of English. This requires paperwork and where to send it can be found at http://wwwcollegium.edu.pl/english. You will also find there detailed information on financial arrangements and visa requirements.

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