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Program Details - ACUPARI Spanish Language School - Cusco, Peru

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Amy Bakal
Address: Calle San Agustin 307
City / Province: Cusco, Cusco
Postal Code
Country: Peru

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 51 8 4242 970

General Program Information

Immerse yourself in Spanish, Quechua, or German languages classes with ACUPARI Language School in the heart of Cusco City, Peru. At ACUPARI we have all levels of Spanish and Quechua from beginner to advanced classes. Participate in individual or mini-group classes; standard or intensive. All of our teachers are native speakers and have been a part of the ACUPARI team for over 10 years. They are highly qualified and undergo continuous training. To complement your Spanish program ACUPARI offers Tandem conversation practice with a Peruvian partner -- FREE!! For complete immersion, a homestay with a Peruvian family is available. Volunteer or do a practicum with one of the many Peruvian institutes supported by ACUPARI. Enjoy our many social activities such as our coffee break, Peruvian cooking classes, excursions, movie nights, and salsa nights. ACUPARI staff is available to help its students make reservations for tours to Machu Picchu or other sites of interest.

Our Courses:

There are Spanish, Quechua, and German courses at all competency levels. ACUPARI students can take private or group Spanish courses at a standard or a more intense degree. ACUPARI has over 10 years of experience teaching languages to travelers from all over the world. Whether a students interest is personal or professional; if they are preparing for travel, or if they need to brush up on business or medical Spanish, ACUPARI has the course for them. All of our courses immerse the student, in Spanish conversation, so right from the beginning they are speaking Spanish.

We also offer one-to-one Quechua courses, the language of the Incas. The hands-on classes are complemented by visits to markets and village communities.

Additionally, ACUPARI offers D.E.L.E. preparation courses at the beginner, intermediate, and superior levels.

Tandem Conversation Practice:

Something really special at ACUPARI is our Tandem program. Apart from the classroom time, the student and tandem partner are going to converse in, both Spanish and the student's maternal language, not in the environments of a language institute but on the way, walking the city, in a museum, on excursions, etc. So that the student and tandem partner both benefit from the tandem, the time is divided so that half the time they are practicing Spanish and half the time the student's maternal language.

Our Teachers:

To provide the highest quality in the classroom, our teaching team is made up of eight permanently employed Spanish teachers, who are highly qualified and undergo continuous training in cooperation with the Argentinean Association of Spanish Teachers.

Our Methodology:

Be it one-on-one classes or mini-groups, we work with interactive and diverse methods. For the basic level there is a textbook compiled by the teachers. For all other levels we have a large variety of textbooks and resources which are adapted to the individual interests and previous knowledge and competency of the learner.

Social Life With ACUPARI:

Social Life With ACUPARIACUPARI hosts a variety of free and fun social events for its students to further immerse them into the Spanish language and culture, such as Salsa lessons, Peruvian cooking, and international movie nights, daily coffee, tea, and a mini-snack are served during the coffee break. There are great day trips twice a month to local archaeological sites in and around Cusco. And, for all those who would like to improve their Spanish, there are multicultural gatherings.

ACUPARI was founded October 10, 1990, as a non-profit cultural association whose objective is to promote and strengthen an intercultural dialogue between the plethora cultures that gather together in the city of Cusco. Cusco is the main tourist center of Peru, and greets travelers from all around the globe. ACUPARI offers prospective clients language courses in German, Spanish, and Quechua. As a complement to their language course, students can participate in Tandem Conversation practice in which the foreigner is paired with a native Peruvian Spanish speaker so that each can practice the others language. As part of ACUPARIs cross-cultural interchange, students participate in a variety of social and cultural activities and have the opportunity to contribute their time to several volunteer projects. ACUPARI also organizes cultural events with Peruvian and German artists and authors, as well as those from other cultures, in collaboration with other cultural institutions in the area.

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