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Program Details - Adelante Abroad - Oaxaca, Mexico

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Joanna Burchartz
Address: 601 Taper Drive
City / Province: Seal Beach, CA
Postal Code 90740
Country: USA

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 1 562 799 9133

General Program Information

Volunteer in Oaxaca, Mexico is an independent program whereby candidates gain real international work experience while immersing themselves in another culture.

This program is for independent-minded people looking for a real living abroad experience. there are numerous sectors to chose from and we are always adding more.

The program begins with two week intensive Spanish course with local Mexican teachers. Candidates will then participate in 4 hour a day internships in small to mid-sized, Mexican companies or organizations. Part of the application process is a phone interview to ensure that candidates are placed in the Sector that best corresponds to them. We can usually guarantee placement. The program is not competitive and we place yea round, starting the first Monday of each month. Choose from a 1-12 month program.

Volunteer placements in Mexico include: Art Museums, Library, Art Gallery, teaching English, Social and Economic Development, Social Work, Digital Art, Medical/Healthcare, Small Business, Working with Kids, Women's studies and Health Culinary and Psychology.

Participation in this program will massively upgrade your resume and provides the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish . All candidates have a Mexican Supervisor at their work assignments, plus an English Speaking Intern Advisor living in Oaxaca. This is a fairly customized program and process, with anywhere from 3 to 10 candidates starting programs each month. Housing is your own guesthouse r shared apartment.

For more information detailed information and prices, please visit our website using the link above.
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