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Program Details - Trinity Yard School - Ahanta West, Ghana

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Rory Jackson
Address: Cape Three Points
City / Province: Ahanta West
Postal Code
Country: Ghana

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 802 989 3011

General Program Information

The Trinity Yard School was established to serve the youth in Cape Three Points, Ghana, by providing a fee-free secondary education with a primary focus on skills training in arts-oriented trades. The school aims to create a diversified learning environment involving students in many extra-curricular activities such as a drum and dance group, soccer team, and a student-run organic vegetable and fruit farm.

Our vision in creating the school is to allow the motivated youth of Cape Three Points and neighboring villages to improve their literacy and continue their Academic education while at the same time acquiring valuable skills in trades that will enable them to earn a living. The three main areas of focus within the school, (academic subjects, skills training, extra-curricular) represent the strength and balance of three parts fulfilling one mission, to support the youth through access to knowledge and resources. Within the schools yard it is our goal is to provide a safe environment where the students can freely express themselves and find support from peers, teachers, and staff. The name Trinity Yard serves as a fitting title for our efforts, encompassing both the geographic location of Cape Three Points and the three points of focus within the schools curriculum.

The Trinity Yard School aims to enrich the lives of the youth not only in Cape Three Points, but also the lives of other Ghanaians and volunteers from abroad. The school employs Ghanaian teachers from other parts of the country, offering jobs with competitive salaries to qualified individuals. Volunteers, including the Putney Student Travel group, as well as teachers taking part in volunteer internships, benefit from the rich cross-cultural exchange the School has created. Along with jobs for local grounds staff, the school will employ community members as guest teachers to share local knowledge of folklore, agriculture, and herbal medicine.

Volunteer: Trinity Yard is offering volunteer opportunities for academic and trades teacher positions.

We are looking for motivated and qualified people who have an interest in gaining an invaluable and unique teaching experience. In addition to teaching a class, volunteers will have the chance to study with other Ghanaian trades teachers. Teaching opportunities range from full-time positions in core academic subjects, to teachers assistant, to a subject-based tutor for our students or younger primary students. English is the primary focus for our volunteers programs as we strive to improve the fluency of our students in spoken and written language. We are open to the idea of specific trades courses not already in our curriculum plan if volunteers have expertise in particular skills relevant to our students, such as carpentry, theater, boat building, art, music, furniture making, etc. Traditional drumming and dancing is a huge part of the schools commitment to the arts, and instruction would be available to all interested volunteers. The school, which is located on beachfront property, offers volunteers daily access to beach volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, and a variety of surf spots, including a world-famous point break. Volunteers interested in sports could take part in or help coach our various soccer teams, both boys and girls. Our programs are aimed at giving self-motivated volunteers the chance to teach subjects they feel passionate about. It is our purpose to integrate our volunteers into life on the Yard and in the community of Cape Three Points. We are not a retreat for those who want a travel vacation on the beach. We are a collective movement working hard to give a full education to youth who are genuinely motivated to pursuing knowledge in Aacademics and vocations. We are focused on providing resources and support to students who would otherwise have limited opportunities.We offer one month, three-month, and six-month volunteer programs, with exceptions made for graduate students or qualified teachers who have an interest in full-year internships. Please fill out the application on our website www.trinityyardschool.org

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