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Program Details - Foundation for Intercultural Language - Accra, Ghana

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Siita Adams
Address: Pavilion V,Taoradi Rd,Tradefair
City / Province: Accra, GT.Accra
Postal Code
Country: Ghana

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 233 21 784242

General Program Information

Foundation for Intercultural Learning and Exchange is an international, voluntary, non-governmental organization which is designed to promote Cross Cultural interchange and promotion, voluntary services and intercultural learning by bringing people from universities, high schools, and other institutions together for the purposes of academic, voluntary and cultural progress. We mainly work to create interest and enthusiasm for intercultural learning through voluntary work and exchange programs.


There are many orphanages and foster homes in the towns and suburbs if Ghana, and so many children need your help. The homes vary in size: Some have between 15-20 children, and some have over 150! The ages of these children can range from 1-18 years old, but all of them need your care, support and guidance because they have lost their families, either through death, abuse or abandonment.
Your care and support will add meaning to their lives. Some of the homes house a lot of children and lack adequate space as such children struggle for the needed care and attention especially the babies.

These placements are a fantastic opportunity for anyone experienced, or wishing to gain experience in medicine and also medical students who wish to do a semester or more for academic credit. You will have the opportunity to work in the large hospitals in town, shadow doctors and nurses and also interact with fellow medical students. You will also be helping in the following areas:

•Helping in the consulting room
•Shadowing fellow doctors in routine observations and medical practices
•Maternal and childcare
•Helping in the dispensary
•Theatre and outpatient department


Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the educations and development of Ghana's young people. This will give you a chance to make an important contribution to Ghana and also gain an in-depth experience of the country and its culture that will stay with you the rest of your life.

With these placements, you have the choice of working in a primary (5-13 yrs), Junior Secondary (13-16) or Secondary School (16-18).

The schools will vary in their facilities, but generally consist of a few classrooms with wooden desks and a blackboard, so there are loads of opportunities for you to be creative in your role and make the lessons memorable for the children!


There are many children in Africa who suffer disabilities, and do not have the support structure that we in the West experience. The schools set up for children with disabilities are in need are in need of volunteers who can help support the children and develop their skills, coordination and also provide much love and care. The various organizations and schools cater for both children and adults with mental and physical disabilities, including a school for the deaf.
There can be between 30 to over 130 members, depending on the scheme. You will be responsible for developing the full potential of each individual, to help them lead productive and rewarding lives in Africa. You may be involved in specific workshops to help train crafts. you can help teach the younger children in classes, to try and integrate then eventually into the normal schooling system.


This is a two weeks medical outreach program specially tailored for medical students who wish to have first hand experience in the extraction of guinea worms in the endemic areas in the northern region of Ghana. The guinea worm disease is is endemic in most affected areas are the regions of districts lying within the Volta Basin: principally in the Northern and Brong-Ahafo Regions. Participants will work as a group on this program and live in a hostel in the Capital (Tamale). Meals will be provided during your stay.


The team project aims at bringing socio-economic development and live improvement opportunities for needy people. The program covers developmental projects and community services to deprived rural schools, health centers, rehabilitation of the physically challenged foster homes and orphanages.

Under this program, participants travel and work together as a team to achieve a specific mission such as medical team to provide healthcare service to a selected community. However, the team can also choose its own area of interest and embark on it a specific mission such as medical team to provide healthcare service to a selected community.

However, the team can also choose its own area of interest and embark on it a specific period of time.

After the team has achieved its aim it can them embark on a study tour to some tourist attraction centers and historic places in Ghana.


This project is vital to the education of children and adults in urban and rural communities about the threat and risks of HIV and AIDS in Africa. During the project you will focus on moving from school to school, working alongside the children on this education scheme, and also embark on public education, Peer education training for young adults to be peer educators, provide support and counseling for victims through home visitation, and workshops


This program is designed for volunteers who wish to explore the rich culture of Africa through drumming for three weeks. The program contents includes to weeks drumming (learning how to play drums,Xylophone, local flute etc) and dancing lessons, and one week study tour to some selected tourist sited of Ghana. Participants will live with a host family, attend their lessons and at the same time visit some interesting places within the city.
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