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Program Details - Ecole Quebec Monde - Quebec, Canada

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Viviane Brassard
Address: 335 rue Saint-Joseph Est, # 600
City / Province: Quebec, Quebec
Postal Code G1K 3B4
Country: Canada

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 1 418 9770505

General Program Information


Experiencing French Immersion in Quebec City



At Ecole Quebec Monde, we value the communicative approach. The basic principle is that a language is primarily a communication tool. The content of the lessons is based on the use of French in everyday life. The Francais intensif program encompasses all aspects of the French language - speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our French immersion programs encourage the active participation of students in their learning.


In the Francais individuel program, Ecole Quebec Monde adapts the approach and methods according to the needs of students. In this case, the content of the lessons is based on the specific use of French in situations determined by the student.



Courses from the Francais intensif program are designed so that, for all the levels taught, Ecole Quebec Monde meets the need and necessity to learn grammar and vocabulary. The methods used vary - written and oral exercises, homework, viewing authentic audio-visual material, theme-based discussions - and allow the development and mastery of oral and written production and comprehension skills.


Courses from the Francais individuel program are tailored to the requirements specified by students. Students are directly involved in the development of their lessons and guide the teacher by clarifying their objectives. The learning techniques used vary - systematic exercises, practice of written and oral tests, role-play - to allow students to acquire the grammatical and lexical knowledge necessary to achieve their objectives.



Groups welcome a maximum of 8 students. Ecole Quebec Monde knows that to limit the number of students increases the level of individual participation of each student and, therefore, allows the acquirement more quickly of a better "mastery" of the target language.


Ecole Quebec Monde is a constituent of the Association Quebec dans le monde, a not-for-profit organization dedicated since 1983 to the international eminence of Quebec and the French language.

Ecole Quebec Monde offers courses in French as a Second Language (FSL) and French as a Foreign Language (FFL). Our services are available to any private, public or para-public companies and corporations, as well as to anyone in the world who wishes to experience a language study stay in Quebec.

Ecole Quebec Monde also offers:

  • Workshops of initiation to Quebec and Quebec society,

  • French upgrading for native French speakers,

  • French translation services.

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Univ. Age
All Age Adults

Subject Taught
Language & Culture

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