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Program Details - Travellers Worldwide - , Brazil

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ATTN: Project
Address: 7 Mulberry-Close
City / Province: Ferring, West Sussex
Postal Code BN12 5HY
Country: United Kingdom

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Phone: ++ 44 1903 700478

General Program Information

Sun, Samba, Energy, Capoeira, Music, Laughter and the fabulous and lavish Carnaval Brazil has all of this and much more. If you are looking for an injection of life to make you feel alive, Brazil is the place for you! We have programmes in two very different locations in Brazil. You can choose between the small traditional town of Foz do Igua u and the dazzling city of Rio de Janeiro.. a world of contrasts! Alternatively, why not combine your placement and visit them both....? You can also volunteer in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brunei, China, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe. Please see our website for more information: http://www.travellersworldwide.com

Fundraising is available for all projects: http://www.travellersworldwide.com/peripherals/fundraising.htm

What you can do on our programs in Brazil:

Teach Conversational English in this hot tropical paradise to deserving children and adults who need your help! Our teaching projects are located in Foz Do Igua u and Rio de Janeiro. You can teach a huge variety of subjects, in just about every type of institution, with children, teenagers and adults. Teaching here is exciting and rewarding. You will have students from a variety of backgrounds and sometimes in Foz do Igua u you'll even have students from different countries!

Coach Sports: Brazil offers a rewarding opportunity to pass on your sports skills to children who appreciate it. Absorb this awesome culture by becoming a part of its community. It is no surprise that most volunteers here choose to extend their stay! You can work in either (or both) of two very different regions, RIO DE JANEIRO, close to the beach, or FOZ DO IGUA U with its magnificent Falls. You don't need any qualifications to coach sports in Brazil, just a basic understanding of the game and a love of sports, as well as an enthusiasm to share this!
Football is very popular but you can also teach basketball, volleyball, beach football, dance and others. You can also combine a Coaching project with a teaching project - or perhaps you'd like to learn Portuguese or Capoeira at the same time.

Creche Projects: A very deserving placement working with pre-school children that has a high feel-good factor. Throughout Brazil, in a beautiful town next to the grand Igua u Falls and within inner city areas of Rio de Janeiro, there are many 3-6 year old girls and boys with magnificent spirit and from very poor families, waiting for volunteers to share their joy with!
One particular cr che that we work with desperately needs voluntary assistance because they are in danger of being shut down by the Government due to a lack of funds to pay for essential building repair work. On this project you'll be working in one of our many cr ches in either Foz do Igua u or Rio de Janeiro, depending on which area you'd like to visit. If you can't decide, why not try both....?

Language Courses: Would you like to learn Portuguese? Or maybe improve on your existing knowledge of the language? You have just taken your first steps towards broadening your horizons... There is no better or easier way to learn a language than to live, eat and breathe it ... and there is no better place to study than in vibrant, beautiful Brazil!
Our Portuguese courses take place in both Rio de Janeiro, near the beach, and Foz do Igua u close to Brazil's borders with Argentina and Paraguay. You can also combine a Portuguese Course with any other project in either location. We will place you in the right course for your level and make learning a language easy and fun! You can also combine a language course with any other type of project if you'd like to!
Something Different! Play and learn about Brazilian music or take a Capoeira course. We have lots of "off the wall" projects to make your time overseas even more exciting!

No qualifications are required to volunteer - just enthusiasm to help and a desire to experience a new culture, from the inside.
Travellers projects are very flexible (2 weeks - 1 year) and varied. All your food and accommodation and in country transfers and transportation are included in the cost as well as excellent 24/7 support and back up staff. You will receive plenty of preparation information and support before your departure and Travellers will keep in touch throughout your project to ensure you are happy and well on your placement. Your volunteering contribution benefits the community and provides a lifetime experience that is safe and structured for the volunteer.
If you would like to APPLY FOR A PLACEMENT on one of the programmes, please fill in the form on our website (http://www.travellersworldwide.com/application.htm ) - we will contact you very shortly to discuss your placement and we'll also send you confirmation documentation. This will be followed up with detailed information about your placement once it has been arranged and tailored and suit you.
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