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Program Details - PUC-Rio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Primary Mailing Address

ATTN: Linda Cristina Sousa
Address: Marques de Sao Vicente, 225. Ed. Pe. Leonel Franca, 8o andar
City / Province: Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Postal Code 22453-900
Country: Brazil

Primary Contact Information

Phone: ++ 55 21 35271577

General Program Information


Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), founded in 1940, is a doctoral research university. The university now has 20,000 students who come from a variety of religious, ethnic and social backgrounds.

Academic centers and courses

  • Center for Theology and Human Sciences (CTCH):
    • Arts and Design (Product Development, Digital Media and Fashion), Education, Language and Literature (Modern Languages, Literature, Linguistics,Translation, Creative Writing, Performing Arts), Pedagogy, Philosophy, Psychology and Theology.
  • Center for Social Sciences (CCS):
    • Business, Economics, Law, Communications (Journalism, Publicity Cinema), Geography and Environment, History, Social Service, Sociology and International Relations.
  • Center for Science and Technology (CTC):
    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering (Chemical, Petroleum, Control and Automation, Civil, Materials and Metallurgy, Environmental, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Production and Nanotechnology).
  • Center for Biology and Medicine (CCBM):
    • Biological Sciences

Graduate courses held at specialized off-campus clinics.

  • Interdisciplinary courses:
    • Architecture and Urban Studies, Environmental Engineering, and independent research institutes and projects, such as the Center for Telecommunications Studies (CETUC), Business School(IAG) and the Genesis Institute (Entrepreneurship Center and Trainee Program).

All departments offer:

  • Undergraduate courses: Bachelor's degree
  • Graduate courses: Master's and Doctorate (except: Geography and Social Communication)
  • Many continuing education courses are available as well

Portuguese as a Second Language:

International students can enroll in the wide range of courses offered by PUC-Rio departments. Because language proficiency varies among international students, PUC-Rio offers 5 levels of Portuguese during the semester

  • Level I; Beginner: 90h / term; 6h / week; 6 credits
  • Level II; Intermediate I: 90h / term; 6h / week - 6 credits
  • Level III; Intermediate II: 90h /term; 6h / week - 6 credits
  • Level IV; Advanced I : 60h / term; 4h / week - 4 credits
  • Level V; Advanced II : 60h / term; 4h / week - 4 credits

Intensive Pre-Term Courses:

This program offers the international student the opportunity to learn, develop and experience the Brazilian language and culture before the beginning of the semester so as to be better skilled to attend regular classes.

Offered twice a year in January/ February or July. The placement test can be taken online or, in some cases, on the first day of classes.

Classes for all levels are available!


Although the majority of the courses are taught in Portuguese, international students have the opportunity to take courses in English at PUC-Rio while learning Portuguese. These courses have a content based on Brazilian and Latin American aspects, such as: culture, literature, business, design, civilization and history, among others. Along with the courses in English, international students must attend Portuguese as a Second Language.

Candidates must follow the regular application procedures presented at www.puc-rio.br/ccci, indicating their intention to attend classes in English

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All Age Adults

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