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About Worldwide Classroom (WWC)

41 Years of Service: 1968-2009

For the past 41 years, we have been compiling and sharing information about programs around the world which welcome international participation and further educational and intercultural goals.

It is our belief that the pursuit of study, vocational, and special interests abroad adds a unique, broadening framework to the understanding of another culture. It enhances our empathy and allows us to see that which we share with others, thus stimulating an appreciation for the richness of our own cultural heritage. Differences become a source of fascination, rather than antagonism; dissimilarities spawn opportunities, rather than barriers; and diversity gives us new perspectives with which to solve old problems.

Information on the Internet

Over the past year, the Worldwide Classroom Library of International Programs on the internet had roughly 28 million accesses from students looking for international programs. Approximately half were from the USA and half were from 161 countries around the world. Worldwide Classroom is a part of Mibar Ltd. and is supported by donations, sponsors, and fees.

Join the Library

Maintaining the Library is a major project made possible by the contributions of hundreds of individuals and organizations. Join us! Your assistance is welcome in any or all of these areas.

  • Editing. Information is compiled from program organizers, government agencies, and past program participants. But schools move, postal and telephone codes change, and typos are made. If you see mistakes, please advise or send corrected information. Your comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome.
  • Resources. Are you interested in maintaining or contributing to a country resource area? It may be on any country and any topic helpful to international visitors: art, safety, 'Best' things to do, the cultural scene, etc. You may wish to publish articles, compile relevant URL's to other Internet sources, share fact sheets, or (if you are a teacher) involve your class in some 'Internet Research'.
  • Sponsors. Financial contributions are especially needed as we transition to larger computers to handle the increased volume of users and addition of the search features. In supporting the Library, you are increasing educational opportunity and encouraging intercultural understanding.
  • Program Information. If you welcome international students of any age, send your program information. If you participated in a program, tell us about it - so we can share your comments with inquiring students.
Institutions participating in Worldwide Classroom resources are encouraged to abide by the following guidelines:
  1. To welcome interested participants and treat them with respect in a nondiscriminatory fashion.
  2. To convey information about their institution and programs accurately in accordance with the laws of their country.
  3. To monitor student health, security, and welfare and strive to improve areas of concern.
  4. To assure uniform standards for testing and certification which accurately reflect study content and activities.
  5. To safeguard student records in a consistent manner so they are accessible to students for future needs.
  6. To strive to improve academic standards and/or multicultural experiences and outcomes for students.
  7. To regularly review and attempt to improve procedures dealing with conflict resolution.
  8. To abide by all United Nations resolutions related to human and civil rights.
  9. To comply with laws of the country in which they are organized, maintaining licensure, legal status, insurance, and other requirements.

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